5 Simple Summer Setups for Great Garden Parties!

5 Simple Summer Setups for Great Garden Parties!

The perfect home is what you make it, and the same applies when it comes to the garden. When decorating our garden, we always work towards the season we are in, and as we are now firmly in the midst of summer, this means that everyone is getting their gardens ready for the humble garden party, but what are some of the best approaches that you can do cheaply? 

Set up Barbecue Central

It is the peak of summer, and this means you’ve got to embrace that garden barbecue. To set up an ideal barbecue center, you’ve got to go for decking, and an all-purpose grill kit, but also think about what you want to achieve if you want to party long into the night- you can get a concrete fire pit, and make sure that it has that vibe of where everybody hunkers down and enjoys those warming summer nights. 

Hanging Candles Above a Table

It is such a simple idea and looks amazing at night-time. You can create a DIY structure with beams or found wood for a more rustic sensibility, and hang candle holders at different heights, which creates a lovely dinner party atmosphere in the great outdoors. If you are looking at incorporating simple ways to make your garden party feel like a proper occasion, put some table linen down, and make the tables feel like it is a proper dinner party. If you are looking for a more rustic feel, work with layers and put a few tablecloths on top of one another. You can then add wooden chopping boards and mason jars to recreate that rustic country vibe. 

Giving it a Camping Sensibility

The summer is the one time of year where we can camp out without worrying about adverse weather conditions. And if you want to turn your party into a sleepover, a tent, or a tipi with a few rugs and floor cushions turns it into a real vacation vibe. Make sure you get a campfire going as well, and plenty of marshmallows!

A Shaded Area

For a proper garden party vibe, you need to create a shaded area. Some people don’t like being in the sun for too long! A simple parasol will do the trick, but if you want to do something different, think about some sail shades because they are so simple, stylish, and adds that all-important “at the beach” feel to your garden. 

A Comfy Garden Seating Setup

Comfy seating is essential in the garden, whether you are holding parties or not, and having plenty of cushions for long nights is the best way to go. This is doubly true if you have wooden furniture everywhere. A metal or corner bench is not always comfy after being perched on there for a few hours, so make sure you get plenty of cushions and blankets, so you can stay cozy long into the night. 

There are plenty of options for getting that summer party started, and these are just a few. Let your mind wander and let the sunshine into your space!

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