Dream Theme Party Ideas

Theme parties are a fun way to celebrate major holidays or events. Themed parties can be different from the average party because they have an overarching theme that ties into every aspect of the event; decor, food, music, and more. Here are some ideas to help you throw a theme party.

The Old-Fashioned Kickback

Turn back the clock to a simpler time when you could kick off your shoes and sip on a whiskey cocktail in front of a crackling fire. Serve classic drinks like highballs, old-fashioned, manhattan, sidecars, and mint juleps. Serve the drinks in vintage glasses and set up a photo booth to document all your guests looking their best, whether that means wearing flannels or pearls! This one is all about aesthetics.


Dream Theme Party Ideas

Halloween is fast approaching, which means it’s time to get started on this year’s spooky theme party. This is an excellent option if your budget is tight or the event space has limited equipment. All that’s needed are a black plastic tablecloth and a roll of brown kraft paper. Blankets, rugs, or tarps can also be used if available. It’s as simple as draping the tablecloth over one side of the room to create a dark area where party-goers can sit around their little campfire for storytime!

Wild Wild West

A cowboy-themed party is an excellent idea for a boy’s birthday. You can invite all the guests to come dressed up as cowboys and girls, or even bandits! Decorate your yard with hay bales and wooden fences to make it look like an old west town if you have one available. The menu would include beans, cornbread, iced tea (for the adults), and lemonade. Cowboy boots are a great idea for giving out as party favors. If you don’t want to be too expensive, you can give away cowboy hats or sheriff badges instead! This is one of the best theme party ideas on our list because it’s effortless and fun to do with kids.


Hollywood parties are all the rage right now. From lavish premieres to glitzy awards shows, it’s time to get in on this trend! Wear a red carpet-inspired outfit and decorate your house with movie posters, glamour shots of celebrities, or film reels while playing music from high-profile movies. Your guests should greet each other on the “red carpet” with a Hollywood-style hand kiss.


Dream Theme Party Ideas

For all you party animals out there, disco parties are about glitz and glamour! Think sequin table cloths, shiny dance floor fabric, mirror balls (and the disco ball), and of course, lots of funky music to get everyone on their feet. This is one theme party that needs a lot of prep, but the results are worth it. Take inspiration from your favorite disco classics and have everyone dress in their best 70s gear to get them into the festive spirit! Give guests funky peace sign necklaces to wear as they dance away all night long.

While you can host a theme party with any number of people, we recommend hosting one for at least six. You’ll want to accommodate everyone and make sure there is plenty of food and drink on hand, plus room for dancing if desired! We hope these tips help inspire your next great idea for an unforgettable night.

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