It’s 2020, the start of a new decade, and many people are using that as an excuse to throw a roaring 20s themed party. Although New Year is over, perhaps you have a birthday or another special event to plan for where you would like to embrace this theme and have fun. Read on for some suggestions that will allow you to throw an awesome themed party your guests will have a scream at:

1. Use Your Invitations To Convey The Theme

Make sure you use your invitations to convey the theme of the party, and make it clear what you would like your guests to wear. You could even give them some ideas on where to get outfits if you think they might use that as an excuse not to dress up! 

2. Create Your Own 20s Decor

Creating your own decor is a good idea. Create Speakeasy signs to point people in the right direction. You could even cut a piece of black mat board to fit your front screen door, and cut out a circle to be used as a peephole. These were commonly used to make sure the police weren’t coming. Sometimes, a password was even required for admission. You could come up with a password to make it even more authentic! 

3. Provide A Buffet

Buffet food is pretty standard for any party, but you can make your next party easy with full-service catering! This will take a weight off your shoulders and ensure your guests are well fed and happy with the food. 

7 Ways To Throw A Roaring 20s Party To Remember

4. Play Games

Play games at your party like they would have in the 20s. Have different tables for poker, gin rummy, and other gambling opportunities. Make sure you give guests chips when they arrive so they can gamble. 

5. Create An Authentic 20s Playlist

Music should be from the 1920s and feature plenty of ragtime and swing tunes. Make sure the playlist is long enough that songs don’t repeat, and ensure they make people want to dance. You could get a DJ, but they would need to know what to play and what not to play, staying 20s themed. It might be better if you have more control by creating your own playlist – it’ll be cheaper too. 

6. Have Police Raid The Place

Nobody likes a party to end, but it has to end sometime. A really fun way to do this is to get a few guests to dress up as police officers at the end and raid the party. This is very on theme and will signal to everybody that it’s time to leave. Just get them to change into police costumes about 20 minutes from the end. Take lots of pictures! 

7. Have the Right Drinks For Guests

It won’t be a 20s bash without the right drinks available. The highball was the drink of choice for most flappers and sheiks. Then there’s gin and champagne. Making sure the glasses match the theme will make sure it looks that bit more authentic!