14 Go to Hygiene Essentials While Traveling

8 Go to Hygiene Essentials While Traveling

I’m fixing to head off on another fun adventure and I’ve been looking forward to this trip for months. I love traveling but that hasn’t always been the case. There was a time when I let life’s issues stand in my way such as OAB & Nocturnal Enuresis. Having already spent 4 years bed-bound due to failed back surgery, and years following dealing with physical therapy every day, I woke up one day and told myself that I wasn’t going to be a prisoner to my health. And that was that. I’ve been traveling ever since.

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I am also a caretaker to someone who experiences OAB as well so when I started having problems, I knew that TENA® Intimates™ Overnight Pads were the route I was going to go based on the different products he tried and knowing what the best product was. Nothing is going to slow me down so I based my decision on quality. It also helps that I can get these at Walgreens where I spend a lot of time shopping for my travel hygiene essentials.

8 Go to Hygiene Essentials While Traveling

There are quite a few things that I like about this brand, such as, they have the same great absorbency with “Triple Protection, now with ProSkin Technology™ for worry-free nighttime protection and fast absorption for staying fresh. TENA intimates™ helps to maintain your skins natural protection with an exclusive technology. TENA intimates™ includes a soft top layer, that quickly wicks fluid away from the skin keeping you feeling intimately fresh and clean.” Fresh and clean is the new healthy.

8 Go to Hygiene Essentials While Traveling

After a gazillion (that should seriously be a real number, it sounds so cool) trips, I’ve become the packing queen. I know what to pack and how much to pack depending on how many days I’ll be gone and I wanted to share a little list of go-to essentials while traveling for those of you who have OAB or Nocturnal Enuresis. I take just the basics because I sometimes travel alone which means I have to get all of my essentials from point A to point B to point C alone, with an aching back. Rolling suitcases are my friend. This year, I purchased a makeup case that actually has so many compartments, I can use it for everything I’m taking. Everything.

8 Go to Hygiene Essentials While Traveling

As you begin your packing, think of what necessities you need and what you don’t. Yes, it’s nice to have a handbag to match every outfit but it isn’t necessary. I take one small handbag that can carry my TENA® incontinence products and other essentials that I like to have on hand wherever I go, and my back is thankful for my decision; less is more. So, keep that in mind while you pack. I’ve compiled a list of products to take with you each day when you leave your room, which can fit nicely in a small handbag. And yes I’m assuming guys use handbags too while traveling. Guy bags are uber cool.

Go to Essentials While Traveling

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we should be more conscious of hygiene practices especially when traveling. Here are some things you should include in your hygiene kit.
Go to Essentials While Traveling – day or night trips, touristy style.

Toiletry Bag (hygiene version)

8 Go to Hygiene Essentials While Traveling

1. TENA® incontinence products (day for day and night for night)
2. Flushable cleansing cloths to keep you fresh (down there) (travel size)
3. Body wash (no rinse for when you’re out an about and need freshening up) (travel size)
4. Breath freshener (please don’t ask for directions with bad breath)
5. Deodorant (travel size)
6. Hand sanitizer (travel size)
7. Gum for when you can’t brush
8. Dental floss (travel size)
9. Antibacterial wipes
10. Tissues
11. Face masks
12. Disposable gloves
13. Thermometer
14. Hand cream

Since you can easily get infected via droplets and through contaminated surfaces, it’s great to have antibac wipes for disinfecting surfaces such as airplane seatbelts, window shades, door handles, remote controls, light switches, toilets, sinks, and taps.

Tissues are also essential to carry with you especially when you need to sneeze or cough when travelling. Avoid using handkerchiefs, which has the tendency to be used over again and spread germs. Tissues, on the other hand, should be disposed of immediately in a bin after use.

Face masks are essential in preventing the spread of disease to other people. If you’re unwell or you’re taking care of a person who’s sick when travelling, you should wear a face mask. You should wear face mask for added precaution. In wearing it, ensure that it covers your mouth and nose.

Like face masks, disposable gloves should also give you added protection. If you can’t get to your antibacterial wipes before touching surfaces such as your hotel room doorknob, disposable gloves are helpful. After touching surfaces, avoid reusing the gloves and throw them away in the bin.

A thermometer is handy in keeping your temperature in check especially if you’re feeling sick. You should also bring your hand cream to prevent your skin from drying out from frequent hand sanitation.

It’s also cool to have sterilization pouches with you wherever you go. This ensures that your things are kept free of contamination whether you’re at home or when traveling. If you’re unsure, you can check when to use pouches for sterilization.

I keep a little-zippered pouch to put everything in, and it goes into my handbag.  If it doesn’t fit in the zippered pouch, or in a compartment in my handbag, I’ve taken too much.  One way to solve this is to put a set amount of each product such as the wipes, in a Ziploc bag and leave the rest in your motel, hotel, or bed and breakfast room especially if you’ve bought a large pack of everything.

What better way to travel than to travel while saving? I’ve got 2 great offers to share with you today. On 5/20 there will be an FSI in the paper where you can get $4.00 off any one (1) TENA intimates® Overnight Pad or TENA intimates® Overnight Underwear (2-week duration). This offer can only be redeemed in-store an ends 6/3. Also, you can snag $3 off any TENA Underwear through Ibotta in May starting on 5/9.

I’d love to know what your main hygiene travel product is, in a comment below.


  1. These are great tips. I definitely have these when I am traveling. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a wonderful list! I totally agree with all the items on here. Hygiene is important. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. Deodorant, body wash, floss and hand sanitizer are definite travel musts for me! This reminded me I need to start planning my next trip!

  4. This is a great list for travel hygiene, and comes just in time as we prepare for our summer vacation. I will put the list to use! Thank you!

  5. Great tips on what we need to travel. Sometimes I forget !! A good list is so important.

  6. Kamapala Chukwuka

    Yup, I totally agree, these essentials are a must-have when travelling. No way I’m going on a trip without my deodorant and bath wash 🙂

  7. There’s nothing worse than traveling somewhere and realize you can’t find necessary toiletries. This list is a good reminder for things to grab when traveling away from home.

  8. Thanks for sharing your list with us. These are great ideas and easy to pack for a trip of any length.

  9. i totally agree with all these essentials. really needed when travelling.

  10. These are some great tips I love that Tena has become some small and discrete I think that really makes a difference to those who need them.

  11. Love that pink travel case. My daughter would steal it from me.

  12. “One way to solve this is to put a set amount of each product such as the wipes, in a Ziploc bag and leave the rest in your motel, hotel, or bed and breakfast room especially if you’ve bought a large pack of everything.” YES! This is exactly what I do and it makes things so much easier!

  13. I love that pink makeup case. I would use it all the time.

  14. Great list for a toiletry bag to carry while you travel and in your purse.

  15. These are really great items to carry for hygiene and not forget because I know toiletries are the ones I always tend to forget.

  16. I think you got this perfectly. All the ladies should make a note of this.

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  18. These are great hygiene tips. Thank you for including them

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