15 Fun Ways to Survive Quarantine With Your Family

15 Fun Ways to Survive Quarantine With Your Family

You’re still on single digits when it comes counting down the days of quarantine with your family, yet it feels like a lifetime. You love your family to pieces, but spending this much time cooped up indoors together is driving you all stir crazy right now. You will never take for granted getting in your car and going to work or stepping outside your front door and going to the shops on a Saturday afternoon. As excited as you are for normality to resume, you can’t help but think about how you’re going to spend the next few weeks in quarantine with your family. No matter how old your children are, you are going to need some serious patience and a lot of tricks up your sleeve to keep them entertained. If you have already run out of ideas then these fifteen fun activities might just be your saving grace, during this uncertain time!

  1. Create a Routine

Staying in your pajamas all day isn’t going to lift your spirits or make you feel good about the situation you’re in right now. It is so important to create a routine that keeps a sense of normality in the household. Aim to get up at the same time every morning and eat breakfast together as a family. Act as if you have to get to work or school on time; this will create a routine that you can stick to. Use online resources to help you stick to this schedule such as virtual workout classes. Although you don’t have to keep to these appointments and time slots, they will definitely help you to stay on track with your family routine.

  1. Make the Most of Your Backyard

Going outside safely for some fresh air is so important during quarantine. You are only able to leave the house for essential reasons so why not spend the afternoons soaking up some sunshine? Mosquito Authority will help you to maintain a mosquito-free backyard so that you and your family can stay safe and comfortable outdoors. If you’re lucky enough to have plenty of garden space, now is the perfect time to make the most of it!

  1. Get Busy in the Kitchen

Getting creative in the kitchen will not only help you to come up with cooking ideas, but it will also keep the kids busy too. Delve deep into the back of your cupboards and dig out some dry ingredients that you may have forgotten about. You will be surprised about what you can create with a handful of lentils, a bag of rice, and some spices!

  1. Carry Out Crafty Projects

Now is the ideal opportunity to get a little bit creative with your kids. They probably have an artistic side to them which is just waiting to burst out, so now is their chance to shine. There are so many tutorials online and on the television that you can follow. Whether you’re making rocket ships out of old, cardboard toilet roll holders or writing homemade cards for an upcoming special occasion, there are so many amazing crafty projects that you can do at home. Allow your kids to be as free as they want with these activities; as long as it keeps them quiet, let them do it!

  1. Redecorate

Whether you’re into DIY or not, being in the house so much is going to make you proactive. Getting those redecorating jobs done will finally be possible as you have no other excuses stopping you. Whether your doors need a lick of paint or you need to declutter your kitchen cupboards, now is the ideal time to make your home feel efficient and comfortable.

  1. Rearrange

Rearranging the rooms in your home is much more enjoyable than it sounds. You might have been thinking about this for a while, but some of the furniture in your home could be better placed elsewhere. Now is the perfect time to have a little shake-up at home and find the perfect place for everything you own.

  1. Switch off the Wi-Fi

As useful as the internet can be during times like this, there are also many other ways to entertain yourselves. See if you can go without wi-fi for an entire day and you will be surprised at some of the amazing ideas you and your kids come up with. Whether you have a cake baking competition or you enjoy a family sports day outside, there are so many amazing activities to enjoy without logging online.

  1. Don’t Stay Glued to the News

If you find yourself constantly glued to the television set, then you need to change up these habits sooner rather than later. Consuming too much news can be bad for your mental health and it can make you believe things that aren’t necessarily true. Of course, you want to stay well informed about what is going on in the world, but you shouldn’t over-consume. Limit your television time to just an hour a day and this will really help you to become grounded.

  1. Read More

Take this time to delve into that brand new book you have always wanted to read. Go out into the garden for a quiet half an hour each day and enjoy immersing yourself into another world for a while. Books are an amazing mental health booster and they will keep your brain working continually.

  1. Play Board Games

Nothing beats a family game of Monopoly or Scrabble. This will really bring out the competitive sides in everyone, so make sure you’re prepared! Try not to start your board game too late in the evening as this is when your kids are more likely to get cranky when they lose.

  1. Take an Online Course

For you personally, this is a great time to go through some self-development. There might be an online course you have always wanted to take; you finally have time to do it now. Learning a new skill will not only keep your brain active, but it will also give you something to work towards during this uncertain time. You could study anything from digital marketing to yoga instructing; there are thousands of online courses out there for you to choose from.

  1. Enjoy Alone Time Separately

You’re going to find it quite hard to find pockets of time on your own whilst in quarantine, but it can definitely be achieved. Set aside one hour a day in which everyone disperses to a different room in the house. This will give you all a much needed break from social interaction so that you can really relax and unwind.

  1. Use Video Calls to Stay in Touch With Family

Your parents, friends and other close family members are probably in the same situation as you right now, so why not keep in touch with them? A video call once or twice throughout the day can really lighten your mood and elevate your spirits if you’re experiencing a bit of cabin fever. You may need to teach your loved ones to get the hang of video calls, but now is the best time to do so!

  1. Declutter and Deep Clean

You have never had so much time on your hands, so now is the perfect opportunity to declutter and deep clean. Spending so much time in your house can make you realize how much junk you have accumulated over the years, so now is the time to throw it all away. Deep cleaning your home right now is also a very good idea as you want to make sure your family remains safe and healthy.

  1. Practice Gratitude

When you’re in a situation like this, it is so important to be grateful for all of the amazing things you do have in your life. Having a warm home, food to eat and a loving family is more than a lot of people have. Get everyone in your household to join in with this activity every single morning, by writing down one thing that they are grateful for.

Hopefully the fifteen fun ideas mentioned above will give you a little bit of inspiration when it comes to the next few weeks of isolation. You have never lived through an experience like this before, so it can be very difficult to come to terms with what is going on. We become so accustomed to doing exactly what we want to do, but right now, that is far from reach. You need to make the most out of this situation and try to see the positives of being at home with your family. You will definitely miss these days when normality resumes; you’re never going to have such a prolonged period of time with the people who love so much. Try to get creative and think outside the box whilst; this will help you and your family to stay occupied and enjoy each other’s company as much as possible.

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