Two Surprising Facts I Learned About Body Wipes From Goodwipes

Two Surprising Facts I Learned About Body Wipes From Goodwipes

Wipes are not exactly a new invention. While they have been used for a long time now, it seems that some of their effects are actually still being discovered. In fact, these are no longer only a make-up removal product for women. Their range of applicability has significantly widened, and for both genders.

Let’s say you are preparing for a long travel. Make sure to pack some body wipes, or you are soon going to end up unable to enjoy your own company. Why is that? Well, let’s put it this way – if your body isn’t fresh, your mind is even less.

There are different brands on the market, but today, I am going to focus on the ones found here and check what we can learn from the people who have experience in using them. When any product is in question, you want to do your homework and learn a few things before making the purchase. And nothing can compare to users’ reviews, which you can easily find by visiting the above website.

As your fellow busy bee, I decided to do my own research and share some of my findings with you. Let me be perfectly clear about this. Promoting the product is not my intention. Instead, I wanted to check how people responded to this one before I start using it myself. So, all my conclusions and judgements, which you will find below, are based on customers’ opinions.

Talk About A Shower In A Wipe

A pocket shower, huh? Those are some good copywriting skills right there. You can see the product being called this way all around the World Wide Web, starting with the company’s official website. However, we cannot help but wonder what gave the copywriter this idea.

As you already know, these professionals tend to take a specific feature and carefully use words in order to make a product appeal more to the general public. But, it’s not like they lie, do they? We are about to inspect their truthfulness. More here.

Nothing can replace a shower, believe me. However, I have found that people are largely using Goodwipes as a quick and convenient substitute in cases when a shower is not an option. I can’t tell whether this trend arose after the brilliant copy, or if the writer recognized the trend and used it to the company’s advantage. It is a chicken-egg situation.

No matter what the case is, though, consumers are apparently loving this fast and easy way to freshen up while they are on the go. It’s used in gyms, after workouts, during long office hours, business travels, or any travels for that matter, and in many more situations in which time plays a crucial role. And it appears that they work.

Two Surprising Facts I Learned About Body Wipes From Goodwipes

Say Goodbye To Body Acne – Are You Joking Me?

In my research, I stumbled upon some reviews of people stating that these wipes have helped them get rid of body acne. Imagine my surprise. There are so many individuals struggling with this issue, and now someone is going to tell me that the solution is as simple as that? At this point, I was like: “Yeah, right”.

Take a look at what I have found:

So, I decided to check this out on my own. It seems that a lot of people struggle with body acne that appear after hitting the gym. Until they find their way to a shower, sweat appears to produce some negative reactions on the body. But, folks have found a way to prevent this by using body wipes right after they finish their trainings.

While I was suspicious at first, the many reviews, as well as the advice from medical experts I have come across, have made me see the logic behind this. One thing that helped is the following fact. Goodwipes are made of natural ingredients and they are alcohol free.

Wiping your whole body with a product like this removes workout sweat, or any other kind of sweat, and prevents it from damaging your skin. That way, you keep your body fresh while protecting it from the annoying acne that can cause you a lot of trouble. I guess the company is not kidding around.

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