6 Ways To Have Fun During Quarantine

6 Ways To Have Fun During Quarantine

We’ve been in a necessary ‘quarantine’ period for a full week now. How are you doing? While this is not mandated yet, I truly believe that it should be. There are so many at-risk individuals out there and we really need to do our part to help protect each one of those people. I threw together a list of a few ways to have fun during quarantine. I’m still thinking of more ways, but here are a few of my favorites — 

Go For A Hike

6 Ways To Have Fun During Quarantine

As of now, there have been no mandated quarantine rules in Georgia. Although I think that there do need to be strict rules in place now especially, at least this allows us to get out of the house a bit. Because of that, I think that a great way to have fun and improve your health is to go for a hike. Now, you do have to be cautious because I heard that the Gorge in N. Georgia was packed this past weeked. So packed that people could not stay 6-10 feet away from one another, and that is just bad. If you do choose to go for a hike (which I am all for), please be a bit more mindful of your surroundings. 

Try Out New Recipes

One way that you can stay home and have fun during the quarantine process would be to try out new recipes! I have been trying to eat a bit less sugar, so I just made a brownie recipe the other day that is not only refined sugar free, but also vegan! It was actually really good and made me want to try out other new recipes that I might (or might not) love. Have fun baking with your kids or your significant other during this time. You never know what you might be able to make using the ingredients that you already have in your fridge and pantry. 

Buy A Pool Table

6 Ways To Have Fun During Quarantine

Another great way to have fun with your family (that is quarantined with you) would be to play games, such as pool. If you don’t have a pool table, Absolute Billiard Services sells new and used pool tables Atlanta. Absolute Billiard Services is a full-service pool table moving company in Atlanta, Georgia. Over the years, they have become better known as “Atlanta’s billiard company” for residential, commercial, moving, and services. They not only sell pool tables, but they provide master-quality work and offer exceptional customer service, as well. Their services include: the breakdown and disassembly, installation and assembly, rebumper and recushioning, moving from one location to another, leveling to tournament standards, reflecting and recovering, slate crating, commercial services, and more. With over 17 years of experience, you can trust that Absolute Billiard Services will be able to help you find the perfect pool table to keep you busy during this crazy time! Plus, after, it will be such a fun party game to have in your basement.

Plant A Garden

Now, this is a little iffy. Why? Because I do not want to promote going into Lowes or Home Depot. Unfortunately, they have quite a few older, at-risk employees and Lowes, at least, has not allowed them to take off until they are sick/caring for someone else that is sick. But, I do think that planting a garden will help you pass time, it will give you something to do with your kids, and it will give you fresh vegetables, fruits, and/or herbs throughout the spring and summer season. Depending on how long we will have to be quarantined until, it will also give you something to do throughout these next days, weeks, and maybe even months.

Do A Workout Challenge

Maybe now is a great time to get in shape for the summer months, where we will hopefully be hitting the beach and pool? There have been workout challenges going around Instagram and it has been so fun to see them and participate. Take an online class, do a workout challenge, or do some of your own moves in your living room.

Knock Out Something That You Need To Do

The last way to have fun isn’t really fun, per-say. Knocking out tasks that I need to do, such as doing laundry or organizing my closet really are not things that I WANT to do, but if I’m able to do them during this quarantine, I can check them off my list and I won’t have to do them or think about doing them in the upcoming months after this mess and that is when I can focus on actually doing fun things with my friends and family members!

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