18 Chestnuts Earth Day

Happy Earth Day dear nature lovers.  During my younger years, things like earth day didn’t ever really cross my mind.  But after I became a mom, I began to become more aware of the environment in which my children would live and grow.  I started teaching them at a young age that littering is a no-no.  We spent many a weekend walking around and picking up litter wherever we went.  These days, they have their own families and they spend different ways of celebrating our beautiful planet.

They buy healthy foods, prefer eco-friendly products and they all teach their own children how to preserve nature as it’s meant to be. They lean more on vegetables than meats and it’s made me more aware of what I eat as well.

This brings me to today’s post about 18 Chestnuts soup. These soups truly are soup for the soul. They put so much thought into how the soups are made as well as what goes into their soup. 18 Chestnuts provides plant-based, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and locally sourced soups that are working with the farmer’s in their community to bring community and sustainability to the forefront.

18 Chestnuts Earth Day

What I can guarantee you’ll get with 18 Chestnuts soup is the nutrition and flavor you will get in each and every delicious spoonful.

If you’re looking for a subscription service to gift mom for Mother’s Day this year, or even for dad for Father’s Day, these soups can be delivered right to their door, taking the hassle of shopping out of their hands so they can enjoy the things they love, instead.  Like spending time with family.

Head on over to 18 Chestnuts and tell me which soup would be your favorite.  Who would you like to gift the soup to?


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