Love beef Jerky? Make Them More Delicious With These 5 Amazing Tips

Love beef Jerky? Make Them More Delicious With These 5 Amazing Tips

If you are looking for a meaty snack, nothing works better than beef jerky. This salty and protein-packed treat is excellent for satiating hunger on the go.

Did you know that there are ways you can make beef jerky even more delicious? While jerky is perfect as a stand-alone snack, you can also make other dishes with it or pair it with other complementary food.

From making your own jerky to making it taste gourmet, there are a handful of ways you can use to make your beef jerky taste even better. Make jerky more delicious with these five amazing tips.

1.  Make Your Own Jerky

Most jerkies you buy are decked with sodium and nitrates. Mass-producing brands use chemical additives to cure and preserve their jerky. They also use beef that is not hormone or antibiotic-free.

Unless you are ordering online from Beef Jerky Brands, it can be difficult to find good-quality jerky. A few reputed brands make organic and chemical-free jerky, but it is rare to find superior quality jerky in gas stations or convenience stores.

Making jerky at home is easier than you would think. You will need some lean meat, for which you can use cuts of beef like top or bottom round. This is why you should consider making your own jerky.

Slice the meat thinly, then marinate it using desired seasonings like Worcestershire sauce or cajun spices. Preheat the oven to 175 degrees Fahrenheit and slow bake the strips for 3 to 4 hours until you get the desired texture.

2.  Cheese Jerky

Remember that one Hannah Montana episode where her brother Jackson and friend Oliver made a rap about their accidental fusion dish “Cheese Jerky”? Who knew that they really cracked the code with this one!

Cheese and Jerky are those two items that simply go together. Some brands actually sell jerky and string cheese together because of the popularity of this pairing.

While cheese and jerky won’t be strangers inside a sandwich or a cheese board, there is one way you can kick it up a notch. Think of eating jerky with cheese fondue!

One rule of thumb is that if your jerky is saltier, use sweeter cheese to make your fondue. You can use more salted cheese if your jerky is less salty. You can either choose to dip your jerky in fondue or pour it over the jerky for a messier treat if your cheese concoction is runny.

3.  Beef Jerky Pâté

Beef jerky is no fancy charcuterie you serve on a cheese board, even though you can if you want to. When we think pâté, we never think of making it out of beef jerky, but that doesn’t mean we can’t!

Pâtés can be made out of tough meat; you just need to process it first to make it softer. You can start by rehydrating your jerky.

There are many ways you can rehydrate your jerky. You can try applying some liquid like beef stock, soya sauce, or water to your jerky and leave it in the fridge in an air-tight container for 24 hours. You can also try rehydrating jerky in the microwave by leaving a generously moist towel inside with it.

Try to use minimally processed jerky for making your pâté. After rehydrating, you cut the jerky and put it in the food processor to make a paste out of it. Use a little beef stock in it if you feel like it is a little crumbly. You can also add onion, garlic, and other herbs to your pâté to enhance its flavor.

4.  Beef Jerky Salad

Beef jerky is a highly processed food we can’t get enough of. While it should be eaten in moderation, you can also add it to healthier meals like salads. The great thing about beef jerky is that you can add it to pretty much any basic salad to boost flavor and protein.

Beef jerky pairs really well with basic salad ingredients. From leafy greens to creamy avocado, you can enjoy jerky with anything. People also add julienned beef jerky into coleslaws to amp up its taste.

You can use any vinaigrette or salad dressing with your jerky beef salad. Blue cheese or thousand island salad dressing also works well with jerky. You can also add beef jerky to egg salads.

5.  Slow Cook With Jerky

If you enjoy slow-cooked food, you should consider adding jerky to them. Enhance the taste and flavor of your slow-cooker stews and soups using beef jerky. What makes jerky so perfect for slow-cooked food is that the long cooking time enables the meat to soften and helps release its flavors.

If you are slow-cooking plant-based things like beans, lentils, or vegetable, you can add beef jerky to turn it into a more balanced meal. When you add jerky to slow-cooked meat, it acts as a seasoning instead.

Adding jerky to your slow-cooker meals enhances the depth of flavors in your dish while making it more wholesome.

If your jerky is decked with sodium, add it to your slow-cooked meal. Use less salt in the dish as the jerky will release its salt into your dish, making the meat less salty.

Final Thoughts

We can all agree that beef jerky is delicious on its own, but you can still make it even tastier. Consider making homemade jerky, as you can make it healthier and season it with spices of your choice. You can also make jerky taste better by enjoying it with cheese.

You can use beef jerky as an ingredient to make salads, slow-cooked meals, and even pâté! We hope you use these five amazing tips to make your jerky even more delicious.

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