3 Tips To Craft A Cozy Nook

Who doesn’t love curling up with a good book on a long winter’s eve? Creating the perfect little reading nook, that’s tucked away and completely relaxing is a fun DIY home project. A beautiful reading nook is a reflection of your personal style. You’re already found a peaceful, quiet spot in your home, that’s entirely your own and is perfect for repurposing. Now you’re ready for these three inspiring tips to craft a cozy nook so you can dive into a paperback for a few moments of well-deserved tranquillity.

Sink into Seating

3 Tips To Craft A Cozy Nook

Some days all you need is to sink into a comfy chair and grab your favorite book, so you’re going to need someplace to sit in your new alcove. How about a built-in daybed covered in Home Goods gingham sheet and pillows from Pottery Barn? Try a timeless armchair that fits your style perfectly, and it’s cozy enough to cuddle up in. Add a little bookcase or storage to your reading corner, and somewhere to set your mug, and place your candle.

An overstuffed leather club chair will up the hospitality level of your reading nook, while family pictures on the wall add a personal touch. Flip through a few pages of your book or magazine on a chaise lounge with a cozy slipcover. These timeless pieces will serve you well for years to come and round out the seating options for this special room.

Stay Toasty Warm

3 Tips To Craft A Cozy Nook

Cozy up your reading nook as much as possible with a cuddly throw blanket. Drape an antique cotton quilt or a faux sheepskin over your chair or chaise, for added warmth to your reading nook and a delightful place to rest. Surround yourself with calming blue and white accent pillows, that are not only super comfy; they add a bit of relaxing color to help set the mood. Stay comfortable year-round with all-important home climate control. This autumn, don’t forget to give your HVAC system a little professional TLC so that you can rely on its ambient coziness in your nook, and all throughout your home.  

Essential Lighting

3 Tips To Craft A Cozy Nook

Every comfortable reading space needs a variety of lighting options that blend form and functionality. If your room has a view, throw open the curtains and shades to let all sorts of sunlight pour into your reading corner, or reinvent a snug spot with a must-have lamp. Lamps are the precise way to bring your personal flair, like a stylish mid-century metal floor lamp that adds focused, task lighting to your reading niche. Track lighting is the perfect way to deliver overhead illumination and save on-floor space. Light a fragrant candle for tons of ambiance on those cozy nights, snuggled up in your nook.

For book lovers, immerse yourselves in a world of fantasy or unwind and rejuvenate as you catch up on the latest trends and news. Go ahead and create a sweet spot for reading and relaxing in your own home with these three tips to create a cozy nook.


  1. Yea this all sounds cozy especially with a hot drink. Don’t think I’ll ever want to move.

  2. I think you will enjoy having somewhere special to read your book collection.

  3. I used to dream of the time I’d have when the kids were grown to read. Now that I’m an empty nester, I miss them being small again, lol. But my favorite thing to do is read for days on end.

  4. Oh me too. A good book, a hot cup of cocoa and cozy nook to curl up in.

  5. Wow this makes me feel excited I love fall season and I love to read in any place with a soft blanket

  6. If the lighting is bad, everything is off, especially when it comes to reading. I love to snuggle up and read to my heart’s content. It doesn’t happen as often as I’d like though, things get in my way of having time (drat).

  7. I have a book collection and I really need a cozy nook. I will use these tips and set up a space in our house.

  8. This sounds heaven for me! This is the best time to make one and enjoy some good books to read.

  9. I love these tips for building a special place to enjoy a good read! Autumn is the perfect time to do this. 🙂

  10. What a wonderful idea! I am a bookworn and I love reading in a cozy asmostphere like this. Oh I swear that I will just stay in that place to read books.
    Thanks for your sharing!

  11. Oh I love these ideas, what some absolutely awesome ideas for creating the perfect cosy nook, I would love to curl up in one with a book.

  12. I can’t wait to buy a high backed chair and create a reading nook. It sounds so cosy.

  13. Oh yes! I agree! I love reading good books, and staying war is so important to keep me hook in the book. Lovely article.

  14. For me, any place becomes a cozy nook with a soft blankie.

  15. Oh yes, I love nooks like this. Reading is one of my favorite things to do. I usually read on the couch.

  16. I love cozy little nooks. I could not agree with your tips any more.
    Sondra xx

  17. When we were house hunting, one of my top things was to have a comfy reading corner! These tips are great to make it personalized and idea for a book nook.

  18. I love getting cozy and reading a good book. I love these ideas to create a cozy reading nook.

  19. There are fewer things better than curling up in a corner with a good book! I think I finally found a corner I can set up in my house with fewer kid things in the way if I move a few things around and am so excited to do it!

  20. I feel the same way. I could live in a library surrounded by books, and be as content as the Queen of England in her castle, lol.

  21. I love reading! If I have a new book in my hand, I am satisfied. I definitely need a nice cozy reading nook!

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