3 Ways to Improve Your Eyebrow Shape

3 Ways to Improve Your Eyebrow Shape

Remember when eyebrows used to be pencil thin in the 90s? Those were scary days for anyone interested in eyebrow shape.

Things are quite different nowadays. Natural, bushy, thick, and shapely is the name of the game today.

Well, how do you get the perfect eyebrow shape without overplucking or tweezing your way into tadpole brows? Read on for 3 ways you can use to improve your eyebrow shape. Alternately, you can check out Jeevi Brow Studio.

1. Use a Pencil to Mark What Your Eyebrow Shape Should Be

A pencil is the first tool you will be using to shape your eyebrows. First, place the pencil straight up next to your nose – the place where it touches your forehead is where your eyebrows should begin.

Second, place the pencil diagonally across your pupil and alongside your nose. That’s where the highest part of your brow, aka the arch, should be.

Finally, place the pencil so the outer edge of your nose and the outer edge of your eyes are in line. That’s where your eyebrow should end.

Once you have these three points, you will know exactly where to start plucking and where to stop. Simple, right?

2. Don’t Overpluck or over Tweeze – Follow Your Natural Brow Shape

There are three ways you can get your eyebrow shape perfected. Of course, you could do it at home, using our age-old friends, tweezers.

But there is a chance that you could end up overplucking or over-tweezing your brows, ruining them for a while.

Another method could be to get eyebrow waxing. But that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Hot wax near your eyes, eeep!

The final method is eyebrow threading, which is definitely a fan favorite. Women love it because, with the right aesthetician, it can be quite painless, it lasts for a couple of weeks, and it takes less than 3 minutes!

3. Fill in Your Eyebrows Using a Pencil, Powder, or Shadow

If you don’t have enough eyebrow hair to give it that full look, you could try microblading, or even eyebrow embroidery from https://erabelle.com/erabrow-eyebrow-embroidery/, to make your eyebrows to make them thicker. Or you could use eyebrow pencils, eyebrow powder, or shadow, to fill them in as well.

You could also use brow mascara. Essentially, you want to use the color that’s closest to the tone of your hair.

Use the eyebrow brush to brush the brow hairs, line the bottom curve of the brow, and fill in the hairless spots. Don’t apply too much color especially near the bridge of the nose.

Gorgeous Eyebrows Take Time, Effort, and Practice

If you don’t have a great eyebrow shape right now, do not fear. It’s not the end of the world. Eyebrows grow out fast enough, and you will over time be able to adjust their shape to your heart’s desire.

Follow the tips laid out above, and you will be the proud owner of shapely eyebrows in no time at all.

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