Professional waxing has grown to be a billion-dollar industry, and it’s no wonder why.

Waxing slows down hair regrowth and leaves behind perfectly smooth skin.

Services have grown to include waxing anywhere on the body, and even men have jumped on the trend.

With the growing desire for long-lasting smooth skin, more people are looking to DIY waxing to save money. The truth is that this trend is dangerous and hardly returns the same results.

Read on to learn why waxing should be left to waxing professionals.

1. It’s Not Actually Faster

A lot of people who try DIY waxing do it to save time.

Whether you’re preparing for a date, or just like the convenience of doing it at home and not having to drive, you’re in for a surprise.

Most of the time, professional waxing is going to be much faster than DIY.

Waxing professionals are highly trained in the methods and equipment used to do a thorough waxing job quickly. You can often be in and out in under 30 minutes.

At home, though, you have to read a bunch of instructors and try to figure it all out for yourself. From getting the wax to the right temperature to applying it correctly, this can end up taking hours.

2. Missed a Spot?

While you’re realizing that you don’t know how to wax yourself properly, you’ll also find that you can’t reach all of the spots you need to.

DIY waxing is difficult because you can’t always get the right angles on the areas you’re trying to wax. What’s worse is that you can’t miss a spot either. If you do, you can’t reapply the wax without potentially damaging your skin.

Full body waxing is especially difficult to achieve on your own.

3. Cheaper at What Cost

Perhaps you want to try waxing at home because it’s cheaper. With a smaller price tag comes great risk.

No DIY waxing kit you buy in-store will be as good as the professional waxing products used by waxing professionals. Not only will it not work as well, but your skin might have an unsightly reaction.

People have different skin and hair that reacts to different waxing products. That’s why professionals are needed to decipher which type of wax is best for you to prevent allergic reactions and sensitive skin.

Waxing professionals also know how to prepare your skin for waxing in advance.

4. Rashes and Burns

DIY waxing can also result in more damaging and unattractive results than yet mentioned.

If you accidentally overlap with a spot you already waxed, you can give yourself an uncomfortable rash.

Never used hot wax before or you’ve gotten a little careless? It’s easy to heat the wax too much and give yourself severe burns.

Say No to DIY Waxing

DIY waxing may seem like a cheaper, time-saving alternative to professional waxing, but it’s not.

When dealing with dangerous materials that can burn your skin or cause unexpected reactions, it’s always recommended that you go to certified professionals.

Waxing professionals know how to give you a thorough waxing and the silky smooth skin you desire quickly.

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