Choosing the Right Premade Lash Fans

Choosing the Right Premade Lash Fans

Your makeup can become more remarkable with the application of lash extensions. These volume lashes are similar to mastering a sculpture. Unlike the classic techniques where the applications are often one-to-one, a lash extension is a balancing act and a delicate performance that you need to do excellently among various lashes.

Factors like length, diameter, and weight matter a lot. You also need to create a perfect fan that will wrap around the natural hairs, and they should be carefully picked and applied. When you try to make a symmetrical fan for the first time, everything may look and feel daunting. Fortunately, the more you are practicing this skill, the better you will become at it after several tries.

When you use a complicated technique, you can expect a company that will bring you lots of supplies so the makeup would result in a beautiful creation. You would never go wrong with premade lash fans, and these are something that you should have in your kit. Here are some things about the premade ones that you may be interested to know about.

What are Premade Volume Fans?

Eyelash extension suppliers manufacture premade lashes or volume fans, and they are delivered to the makeup artists before their gig starts. Overall, you will find them ready to be dipped and placed on a client’s face. They are attached to the eyelid like a semi-permanent or a classic lash does.

Choosing the Right Premade Lash Fans

How are they Made?

The process of making premade ones is usually like the handmade varieties. However, the only difference is that the former is assisted by a machine. You will typically find them to be a row of threads that were arranged carefully on a tray. The base or the roots of the threads are usually connected with glue, or they were heat bonded. Read more about eyelash extensions on this site.

Once the root completely sticks and adheres to the base, the threads are then rolled in wings or desired curls according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Heat is involved so that the hairs will retail their curls. Once a fan is made, the suppliers in the factory will then transfer a specific amount of thread to the available strip. 

They will open these fans through hands like what they do in a regular makeup studio. Most of the finished fans are going to be attached to the strip neatly. The adhesive keeps them in place, and they will be shipped out on trays.

Advantages of Using these Fans

  • They can save a lot of time for both the client and the makeup artist
  • Faster turnovers of customers and this will result in more bookings every day
  • No training involved
  • Volume sets usually create higher revenues than the classic ones

Overall, many makeup artists use these lashes to save time for everyone. They do not have to do additional training to start using these lash fans since a complete volume will offer them everything they need. When the artists can serve more customers, they can create a lot more income, and their business will be more profitable.

On a client’s part, some of them usually want a fuller look, but they do not have the patience or time to pick the hairs one by one. A premade set usually changes everything to save two hours of their time while they do not compromise the results. Others charge more when they use these volume sets because they typically look more beautiful.

Disadvantages to Consider

  • Overall, the sets are less flexible and adaptable compared to the handmade varieties
  • The tray of the fans often cost more than the products themselves
  • Retention times are shorter, but they can be handy for parties that will last only for a few hours.

It is worth noting that the premade fans are often less adaptable and more expensive than their handmade counterparts. When the base is pre-bonded, some may find it hard to wrap the hairs around the natural lashes, so the retention time is usually shorter. Read more about the pros and cons of these extensions in this link:

Others have overcome these disadvantages by getting brands that offer longer stems and defined eyeliner effect looks. They can create a fuller look with the premium products in the market, and their clients love it.

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