3 x Caffeine Zest Tea Giveaway Mothers Day GG 2022

Zest Tea Giveaway

If 3 times the caffeine of regular tea and coffee, and loads of energy are needed, continue reading to see how you can win a bundle of Zest Tea.

Whether you’re moving and need the energy to pack, or you have to pull an all-nighter at college, or you just need to keep up with the kids, Zest Tea has you covered. And not just because they’re high in caffeine.  But also because you won’t have a caffeine crash with Zest Tea. Means, no jitters.  Just a smooth drink of delicious teas that helps provide the energy you need to get through your day.

Their teas provide energy, helps you focus, and are made with natural ingredients. Zest Tea pairs caffeine with amino acids, like L-Theanine–shown to produce steadier alertness no matter what it is you’re doing.

And if you’re busy like I am, you can subscribe to get your teas delivered to you so you never run out.  If you’d just like to try the tea, you can select a 1-time purchase instead.

I’m adding Zest Tea to my Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2022 because I can’t think of a single mom, young or old, who doesn’t love the taste of tea (and much-needed caffeine).

If you’re interested in winning some tea that is gluten-free, sugar-free, plant-based, GMO-free, Vegan, and Keto, please enter my giveaway below.

One winner will receive a specially selected Zest Tea Bundle:

1 X 12 pack sparkling Tea

1 X 12 pack sparkling Tea

1 BlueLady Tea Bag (20 count)

1 BlueLady Tea Bag (20 count)

1 Mini Sampler (8 individually packed sachets)
1 Mini Sampler (8 individually packed sachets)

Before you get started on the giveaway, head on over to ZestTea.com to learn more and see what all this company has to offer. I’m certain your mother, aunt, sister, or whoever you celebrate for Mother’s Day will love a gift of Zest Tea.

To enter for a chance to win a High Caffeine Zest Tea Bundle please use the giveaway form below.

You must live in the US to enter and be 18+. All giveaway options are optional, only do the ones you want.

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shabbychicboho.com is not responsible for the prize or shipment of the prize. However, if you need help with receiving your bundle, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Which tea featured in my giveaway would you like to try first?


  1. I like blackberry lime.

  2. Sparkling Teas Pomegranate Mint

  3. I am interested in trying the Blackberry Lime sparkling tea.

  4. My husband is the one who is a fan of tea over here. He drinks tea every single day. Thank you for this great giveaway!

  5. Wow, nice giveaway! Sad this is just in the US area haha, good luck to all who will join though.

  6. Love a glass of iced tea now and then but prefer products will little or no caffeine, will share with others who do. Thanks.

  7. Honestly, I have never really thought of tea with caffeine, let alone 3x the caffeine. Every Mom needs a bit of a push sometimes during their daily schedule. So I can see where Zest tea would be the perfect gift for the Mom that needs that. Good luck to everyone that enters your giveaway!

  8. Little sampler packets are my favorite things to order so I can try multiple things. I seem to pick the one thing I do not like then end up with a big bag of product I don’t like. These teas sound amazing, though.

  9. This is so interesting I would love to try this one! I really love tea!

  10. Wow, I`d be the happiest if I win a bundle of Zest Tea. Goodluck to all who joined the giveaway!

  11. I love tea and coffee, and this sounds like the perfect combination. I’m sure this would help me get through my day!

  12. Too bad the giveaway is only available within the US. I’d love to try these, hope I can find them locally.

  13. I could always use more energy. This sounds like a great tea to have on hand! We love tea here.

  14. I need Zest Tea in my life. I could use the extra energy to keep up with my two little boys!!

  15. This sounds amazing! I definetly want to try this out! I tried an energy drink once (and only once). I literally thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest!

  16. I have never heard of zest tea until I read this. I am always needing more energy trying to keep up with my 15 month old! I would love to try it!

  17. Don’t forget to share daily for extra points :). Thank you all for your interest, comments, and entries.

  18. Hhhhmmm…it is really nice to know about Zest tea! Thanks for sharing about this giveaway.

  19. Wow! This is interesting. This is my first time to hear about a plant-powered energy drink and would love to try it. Thank you for hosting the giveaway.

  20. I went to the company website. The product that I am most interested in trying is the Mega Sampler, because it includes a variety of all 6 flavored teas.

  21. We are currently renovating our house and as you can imagine I am exhausted! I will definitely try Zest!

  22. These sound interesting. I think I’d love to try the sparkling teas. Those are easy to drink on the go.

  23. It’s looking good and would love to give my mom one to try it. From seeing the picture and reading your review, it’s cool.

  24. I would love to try some of their Sparkling teas. I work at home and this is something I need.

  25. Xest Tea has so much to offer. I’ve heard a lot of good things about them and their CB teas are really popular.

  26. I’ve really been into tea lately, and this looks delicious! Hoping to try them out soon.

  27. I love tea and am curious to try this. It seems like this would be a good drink for a long drive

  28. This tea looks intriguing! I definitely wanna try it now. I can’t drink too much coffee because it gives me the jitters but I definitely need the energy so this is great!

  29. It’s probably the best tea I’ve ever had. I’m sipping on some Earl Gray now.

  30. My heart is racing just thinking about this. Might be something I have to try!

  31. It’s exactly what I needed to get me started today. It’s so dreary and wet out here. Now I have energy, my favorite tunes on, and I’m dancing my way through all my chores.

  32. This looks like just what I need! I am always busy between teaching and building a new home! I can’t wait to try some.

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