#AD Sweet Peach Iced Tea Recipe #HowSweetAreYou #Sweetbutnottoosweet #SweetLeaf @SweetLeafTea

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#AD Sweet Peach Iced Tea Recipe #HowSweetAreYou #Sweetbutnottoosweet #SweetLeaf @SweetLeafTea

There’s scarcely anything I look forward to in May, including my birthday, then ripe peaches. I live in the peach state of Georgia and from May through September we are blessed to have peaches in stock at all of our local grocery stores. As soon as they hit the shelves or produce section, I can’t stop myself when it comes to adding peaches to everything I cook. I especially love sitting out on my porch in the late afternoon or evening with my sweet peach iced tea. It’s my favorite time of day and a great time to socialize with my neighbors. Iced tea has a way of cooling things off no matter what the temperature is outside and it’s refreshing beyond anything I can explain.

#AD Sweet Peach Iced Tea Recipe #HowSweetAreYou #Sweetbutnottoosweet #SweetLeaf @SweetLeafTea

#AD Sweet Peach Iced Tea Recipe #HowSweetAreYou #Sweetbutnottoosweet #SweetLeaf @SweetLeafTea

Today I’m going to share my peach tea recipe with you. I get asked a lot for this recipe and it’s always a favorite no matter who I serve it to. While I do cook my peaches down to a nice syrup for my tea, my tea itself is simple. I buy the original 100% organic Sweet Leaf Sweet Tea at Publix. I don’t have to worry about sugar in their tea because it’s made with organic cane sugar sweetener (so I don’t feel guilty adding sugar to my recipe). And no matter what my taste buds are craving, I can always find the perfect flavor from their large variety of flavors. As you can tell it’s the ‘better for you’ sweet tea option when you compare this brand to others. And guess what! I’ve got some sweet savings to share with you today, so keep reading to learn more.

#AD Sweet Peach Iced Tea Recipe #HowSweetAreYou #Sweetbutnottoosweet #SweetLeaf @SweetLeafTea

There are times when I don’t have fresh peaches available but I improvise with our other favorite fruits, depending on what is in season at the time. When fresh fruits are not available, I take advantage of the fact that Sweet Leaf Sweet Tea comes in flavors that we all enjoy. They are the perfect take-along drink when I travel and I do love to travel often. Lemonade, raspberry, and citrus are some of my favorite flavors and they can be enjoyed year-round.

Because peaches are in season I’m going to share my step-by-step recipe today. Creating a flavored syrup for the tea is really easy if you keep this in mind: 1 – 1 – 1.

#AD Sweet Peach Iced Tea Recipe #HowSweetAreYou #Sweetbutnottoosweet #SweetLeaf @SweetLeafTea

1 cup of sugar or sweetener alternative.

1 cup of water.

1 cup of fruit.

If you don’t have fresh peaches, that’s okay too. Try some of these other favorite flavors we enjoy.








I use the same ratio of 1 – 1 – 1 to create any of the fruit flavors to add to our tea.

Now for my recipe.

Step #1. Gather your ingredients.

#AD Sweet Peach Iced Tea Recipe #HowSweetAreYou #Sweetbutnottoosweet #SweetLeaf @SweetLeafTea

Step #2. Dice or slice your fruit and add 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of water, and 1 cup of fruit in a saucepan. After adding the sugar, water, and fruit to a saucepan, I cook it down on medium heat until it’s nice and juicy. While the fruit is cooking, mash it with a fork to get all of the juices you can out of it. Never ever throw out the fruit after making your fruit syrup. It’s amazing in any recipe. We use it to top off a baked chicken, on pork loins or beef roasts, we use it on toast, and just about anything you can imagine.

#AD Sweet Peach Iced Tea Recipe #HowSweetAreYou #Sweetbutnottoosweet #SweetLeaf @SweetLeafTea

#AD Sweet Peach Iced Tea Recipe #HowSweetAreYou #Sweetbutnottoosweet #SweetLeaf @SweetLeafTea

Step #3 When your fruit juice has reached a nice consistency, drain. Save the juice in a jar which will need to be refrigerated for a day.

Step #3 When your fruit juice has reached a nice consistency, drain. Save the juice in a jar which will need to be refrigerated for a day.

Save the fruit and refrigerate.

#AD Sweet Peach Iced Tea Recipe #HowSweetAreYou #Sweetbutnottoosweet #SweetLeaf @SweetLeafTea

Store your tea in the fridge. I generally add a 2-quart size bottle of tea in my pitcher because it has room for me to add my peach syrup to it. I use 1/4 cup of fruit syrup per 2 quarts of tea and I stir it well before serving. I like to add a few slices of peaches in my glasses as well. We save the individual size tea bottles for travel or as our on the go beverage. Speaking of individual sizes, as I mentioned, Sweet Leaf Tea is going on sale and now’s the time to try this brand if you aren’t already a fan. You can buy 10 units for $10 off the 16 oz  Sweet Leaf Tea in a variety of flavors from (5/25/19-6/7/19). Be sure to pick up plenty when you’re at Publix for your upcoming travel and summer outdoor get-togethers.

What is your favorite flavor of tea?

#AD Sweet Peach Iced Tea Recipe #HowSweetAreYou #Sweetbutnottoosweet #SweetLeaf @SweetLeafTea


  1. Peach being my favorite fruit. I’m sure this would be the best evening tea option!

  2. This sweet tea looks delicious. I love that fact that it’s a new recipe that adds a spin on the southern favorite sweet tea. I try not to use sugar, but this looks like it would be better sweet.

  3. This recipe sounds delicious. Just in time for summer. Thank you, I can’t wait to make it.

  4. Sweet peach iced tea looks and sounds so yummy and delicious. I can’t wait to try it!

  5. Perfect for summer! Would love to do this on our next picnic.

  6. Ntensibe Edgar Michael

    Hhhhmmmm…I love the sound of this idea, Terri. Could try it soon!

  7. This Sweet Peach Iced Tea Recipe is so easy to do! i hope to make one soon at my home. So tasty!

  8. Icy peach tea is the best when it’s hot! Gonna make this drink in the future. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  9. Ice tea is my favorite. But never tried with peach. This looks tasty and healthy. I can include it in my daily tea routine.

  10. As a Southerner, sweet tea is my thing! I also like Sweet Leaf Tea. I had never considered making my own syrup to put in my teas.! This sounds like a great option and not too difficult! Thanks!

  11. I love sweet tea, but it’s not even a thing here in New England so I HAVE to make it myself. I will have to try this recipe.

  12. I love iced tea but haven’t tried peach flavor. Thanks for sharing recipe I will try it

  13. Peaches are my favorite too. Very nice recipe. Am going to give it a try soon.

  14. I am so tempted to try it now. I love iced tea during the day. I can’t take carbonated drinks, so they are my go to beverage options in summer. I will make it in the evening.

  15. I’ve never made anything like this but this looks so delicious and refreshing I’ll HAVE to try it! My love would looooove this cause he’s a sweet tea fanatic

  16. I love peaches and tea so I would love this drink. It looks so refreshing for a hot summer day!

  17. This is just so good to resist. Perfect for a hot afternoon stand by. I am sure it’s full of refreshing taste and feeling.

  18. D'ondra M Howard

    I love a good peach iced tea. My go to is Snapple, don’t hate me :)! I haven’t seen this brand in my area, but there aren’t many that taste that god to me.

  19. Stephanie | Adventures in Aussieland

    I LOVE peach tea but it’s so hard to find in Australia. I will occasionally find a brand at the shops but its never anything close to what I had in the States. I never even thought about making my own peach tea. I can’t wait to give your recipe a go!

  20. Yum!! I have to try this. My husband loves iced tea. Plus is perfect for a weekend by the pool. The summer is getting hotter and hotter lol Thanks for sharing the good stuff.

    Candace Hampton

  21. I am hooked on Vanilla Chai tea and just like my iced tea, I drink it without any sweetener. However, my hubby and grandchildren love sweet tea and this is one that I would definitely consider getting for them to drink. The addition of the peach would make it extra special.

  22. Since I am restricted from original tea intake, I can’t wait to try this recipe filled with fruits ingredients. Something new read, something new to try out.

  23. Always love ice tea, such a great thing to have in the fridge! Thank so much for sharing the recipe, going to book mark this and make it next time that I am in Tahoe (will be perfect for the hot sun and mountains).

  24. Wow this looks so refreshing. I like iced tea in the summer when it’s hot. Today it’s currently 100% humidity so now I’m craving tea. I don’t have a favorite flavor. I’m more of an unsweetened tea person but peach, rasberry, and lemon are good.

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