Bringing The Beach Home: Coastal Home Decor Tips

Bringing The Beach Home: Coastal Home Decor Tips

Living in a metropolitan city can be pretty daunting. With everything from the slow-moving traffic to the dense air, the crowding of people, and noise pollution – it is no surprise that many major city centers around the world are almost deserted on weekends.

People who work in the city always seek an escape from the hustle and bustle; they want to go to a sanctuary. However, unlike most people would presume – a sanctuary is not a place you can only go to on the weekends. You can make your home your haven.  

A beach theme decorated home can take you away from the stressful city locale to a coastal oasis that will leave you feeling calm and relaxed. 

If you want to bring the beach into your home, here are the top 5 coastal home decor tips to turn your home into a paradise.

Layering Fabrics

The days of the coastal decor being confined to ornate beach signs, seashells, and miniature ships are in the past. The coastal scenery is more subtle with a color pallet of washed fabrics, white walls, and layered materials.

Layering different fabrics and materials such as rugs, cushions, and baskets will give your home a laid-back and relaxed feel. The best fabrics to use for layering are cotton and linen.

Other essential fabrics that can contribute to your luxe seaside paradise are beach towels, travel towels, tote, and beach bags – you can browse more of these items on The Beach People site.

Blue Is Best

It’s the color of the ocean, and nothing screams beach house quite like splashes of blue and light blue hues of the sea. You can play around with different elements – perhaps an oversized blue couch, sheer curtains, pillows or cushions, a striped armchair, carpet, or a washed-out bookshelf.

Adding these elements of blue will transform your home into a coastal paradise, setting the scene of a beachfront home. 

Faux Landscapes

Because you are in the city, you will have to bring the beach into your home. You can do with faux landscapes and views – incorporating framed and wall hanging pictures of coastal views, sunsets, and relevant art or paintings.

Another interior trick you can try is adding the beach landscape into your home by adding wallpaper with coastal, Mediterranean, or tropical features.  

Wooden Furniture And Rustic Features

Wooden furniture, light wood flooring, and rustic decorative features are the benchmark of a calming home. The delicate pallet features will create an environment pleasing to the eye and make you feel like you are always on vacation.

Woven pendant lights, storage basket pieces, and a hanging straw hat are all rustic features you can explore.

You can also use  decorative oars to get that rustic coastal theme

Sliding Glass Doors

Whether you have views of apartment buildings, the city skyline, or a garden, sliding glass doors open up your living room and amplify the amount of brightness and entering of natural light into your house. 

If you live in a metropolis, the outback or the forest views of the beach will be uncommon. However, you can create your own by adding coastal or tropical elements to transform your house into a beach home. Spring home decor additions are also excellent for beach theme interiors. 


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