CaliFino Tequila Special Mother’s Day Gift Set 2022

CaliFino Tequila Special Mother’s Day Gift Set 2022

Is there anything more satisfying after a long week at work, than getting together with family and friends on a warm sunny weekend day, and hosting a BBQ?  This is the time of year when my neighborhood starts to come alive.  I can smell fresh cut grass, grills fired up, and it’s when there’s laughter in the air again.  It’s my favorite time to shake off those winter blues and start planning weekend menus.

With that comes the knowledge that some on my guest lists love iced tea, some love fresh-squeezed lemonade, some like cocktails, and some like the good stuff straight from a shot glass.  I spend as much time planning my beverage menu as I do on the food.

Having different choices and blends of CaliFino Tequila pretty much takes care of the alcohol that I’ll serve.  I can get what I need all in one place and focus my efforts on other planning.

CaliFino! Tequila cocktails for spring

One of our favorite blends is the Blanco, unaged tequila.  It has wonderful little hints of vanilla, with a slight herbal and sweet lime citrus taste.  If you’ve never bought CaliFino Tequila before, I suggest you start with this one and work your way through.  There are many recipes you can create from this blend that your guests, as well as yourself, will love, such as the classic Paloma, Mexican mule, tequila sunrise, or a sassy and spicy margarita.

Not only do I love the smooth taste of all of the different CaliFino Tequilas, but I love everything that went into the process of creating it.  From the timeline of how long each blend needs to be aged, to the design of the bottle.  It’s easy to grip in one hand so if I’m pouring shots while passing out edibles, I can do it all, gracefully.

Right now you can purchase a CaliFino Tequila Mother’s Day gift set for your special mom, or any other special woman in your life.  The set includes Blanco CaliFino Tequila, four handcrafted, Talavera tile coasters from Carillo Pottery, and two hand-blown, traditional, artisan shot glasses.

CaliFino! Tequila cocktails for spring

Head on over to the website to check out their blends and purchase a memorable gift for Mother’s Day.

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