4 Secret Health Benefits to Eating Meat

4 Secret Health Benefits to Eating Meat

Nutritionists all-too-often associate meat with either greasy fast food, or fatty, processed meats like bacon and hamburgers. True foodies know however that high-quality, well-sourced meat can have a whole host of health benefits attached to it. Many of these are relatively well-known, such as lean meats being a rich source of protein. However, there are countless more health benefits that you may be less familiar with. That’s why we’ve put together this informative list of lesser-known benefits to enjoying meat. With our tips, you can create delicious meals which are good for you, without resorting to salad for every meal! Click here for what is allowed on carnivore diet.

It’s Rich in Vitamins 

It’s fairly common knowledge that red meat in particular is a great source of nutrients like iron and zinc. However, it is less well-known that meat contains a massive variety of beneficial vitamins, important for all facets of human health. Animal products are the only natural way to obtain vitamin B12, for example. This is one of the key nutrients for proper brain development and function. There is also evidence to suggest that B12 in meat can boost your mood, too. 

Moreover, vitamins B6, B12, and zinc are all essential to maintaining an effective immune system.  These are all commonly found in meat – namely, beef lamb, and pork. In addition, humans have been shown to absorb vitamins more effectively when ingesting them naturally through meat, as opposed to taking supplements. 

Lean Meat Can Actually Be Good for Your Heart

Traditionally, high-meat diets have been associated with heart disease. And while any fatty food can increase the likelihood of damage to your arteries, this effect has not been linked with the consumption of lean meats. New research indicates that lean, low-fat cuts of red meat do not increase cardiovascular risk, as had previously been believed. And that’s not all. Studies have also linked these kinds of meat with a reduction in bad cholesterol among at-risk adults. 

While this evidence is encouraging, it’s important that you consume anything in moderation. You should also choose the best quality meat to ensure you receive its health benefits. Premium lean steak packages for example can then be a useful way of monitoring your cardiovascular health, while still enjoying the delectable tenderness that red meat provides. 

Meat Can Boost Your Metabolism

If you’re looking to build muscle, meat is one of the most effective foodstuffs for it. Naturally, this is partly due to it being a great source of protein, but much meat also contains vitamins B3 and B5. These nutrients are vital for your metabolism, and especially for converting carbohydrates into energy. Chicken and turkey are particularly high in these vitamins. Aim for leaner cuts such as breasts and drumsticks. This is because they are less fatty, and are generally higher in nutrients. Meat has also been linked to maintaining a high metabolism, as well as simply increasing its rate in the short-term.  For the best meat cuts, check out grass fed meat brisbane

It Can Also Strengthen Enamel

Another little-known fact about meat consumption is that it has a positive effect on the health of your bones and teeth. Fishes such as salmon and tuna in particular are rich in both phosphorus and vitamin D. Phosphorus is vital for the formation of enamel, which keeps bones and teeth strong. Vitamin D meanwhile regulates the phosphates in your system, so your body doesn’t over- or under- produce them. 

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  1. I found it interesting that the vitamins found in meat like beef are essential to maintain an effective immune system. My husband has been hoping to find a way to be healthier. I will suggest that he start eating more beef from a reliable supplier so he can boost his intake of those essential vitamins.

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