Essential Food Safety Hazards Everyone Needs To Be Aware Of

Food is an essential part of life. The average human can go three weeks without food, although only three days without water. However, food that has been improperly looked after or prepared can be far more deadly to your body. If not stored or cooked properly it will contain bacteria that can make you sick and, in extreme cases; actually kill you

That’s why everyone should be aware of the most common food safety hazards.


One of the biggest issues with food is bacteria. When it lands on food and the conditions are right it can quickly multiply. This is why fresh foods need to be chilled or frozen. Freezing them freezes the bacteria, rendering them unable to multiply. Keeping it chilled does the same but the food can only be kept fresh for a limited duration.

This isn’t generally an issue during food preparation. But, it is something that needs to be carefully monitored when the food is being moved. It is essential to have a reputable and reliable refrigerated transport firm that uses safety systems to ensure the temperature of the food is maintained at all times.


Another big issue when dealing with food is hygiene. Bacteria can easily be added to food if people have not washed their hands properly or they are operating in dirty facilities. 

Hygiene standards are very important to ensure the food is properly looked after and prepared.  That means regular washing of hands, wearing hairnets, and taking all other necessary precautions.  Visit haccp certification for more information about the understanding of sources of food hazards. 


Another major food safety hazard is the storage of food. It s essential that food is stored properly, according to the temperature guidelines and its state of preparedness. For example, uncooked foods can still contain bacteria that will be killed during the cooking process. But, if the uncooked foods are stored above cooked ones it is possible for contamination to occur, allowing the bacteria onto the cooked food where it can multiply and cause illness. 

That’s why all uncooked food should be stored below cooked foods in the refrigerator. It is also advisable to prepare them in separate areas.

Natural Toxins

One food hazard that is often overlooked is the presence of natural toxins. These are foods such as shellfish and mushrooms that are grown without chemicals but may have naturally occurring hazards such as mycotoxins. These can make people seriously ill. That is why it is important to be aware of them and check for signs of infection before using the foods in any dish.

Physical Objects

There are a number of things that can get into the food which shouldn’t be there. This can be the stem of fruit that isn’t usually eaten, a piece of plastic from the packing tray, or some other contaminant that you haven’t noticed entering the food.

These types of hazards can be serious as it is difficult to ascertain the effects they will have on someone eating them. But, it is certain that they won’t be happy and the reputation of the food preparation service will be harmed. 

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