5 Best Ways to Keep Dishwashers Clean

Dishwashers revolutionized domestic responsibility. No one has to look at piles of dirty dishes in the sink anymore, but what happens when the dishwasher is dirty?

Making sure to keep dishwashers clean ensures the appliances work and the dishes are spotless.

These are the five best ways to keep them clean!

1. Hard Water

If you start to notice a milky residue on dishes and glasses after a wash, you might have hard water ruining them.

A water softener will eliminate mineral deposits creating the grime.

Hard water not only ruins dishes, but it can harm the appliance. After multiple washes, the hoses and components of the appliance may become ruined.

Don’t let your water damage the glasses or the dishwasher.

2. Keep Dishwashers Clean by Scrubbing the Seals

Mildew and mold can form wherever there’s moisture and darkness. Dishwashers normally stay a little wet after a wash when you close the door.

Areas near the door’s gasket is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Spend some time after washes to scrub the seals.

The detergent door may also have a build-up of mold or mildew. Scrubbing these areas prevents you from contaminating clean dishes or getting sick.

3. Regularly Clean the Trap

Dishwasher traps work the same way that sink traps work. They catch the food or particles that are too big for the drain. If you let the trap go for too long, you could end up with serious problems.

Depending on your washing habits, it’s good practice to regularly clean the trap.

Most appliances make the trap accessible and easy to remove. It’ll be one of the few things you’ll have to clean in the sink.

4. What’s Going Into Your Dishwasher?

It can be easy to throw anything related to dining into the dishwasher. But should you?

These are some materials that should never be put into the dishwasher:

  • Anything wooden
  • Copper
  • Fine china
  • Cast iron

These items can be damaged during the wash process but also produce debris that will clog your tubes and filters.

It’s a good idea to rinse plates and bowls in the sink for a quick moment before sending them to the dishwasher. You’ll find bones and possibly toothpicks this way preventing any appliance damage.

5. Monthly Maintenance

Part of the cleaning for your dishwasher involves a monthly “dry” run. This means you run your dishwasher empty and using an excellent dishwasher cleaner.

The cleaner will remove stains, grime, or debris that’s stuck in the corners of your dishwasher.

If you forget to purchase a dishwasher cleaner, use vinegar as a substitute. It does an excellent job cleaning but leaves a pungent odor.

Clean the Cleaner

It only makes sense to keep dishwashers clean considering how often and convenient they are.

Following the best ways to keep a dishwasher clean can save you time, headaches, and possibly money.

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