5 Group Activities While Staying Active

5 Group Activities While Staying Active

With the summer season approaching, you will be looking forward to spending time with your friends. If you and your friends can hang out a lot this summer, then you may want to find some activities to do together that will keep you active. Staying active is important to maintaining good health, and it only gets that much better when you can be active with your friends. These five activities are great group activities for you to do while you are hanging out with your friends.


5 Group Activities While Staying Active

If you and your friend’s group is the sporty athletic type, then playing sports is a great way for you to hang out with your friends and stay active. Just about any sport can be played with a group of people. The four major sports are meant to be played with groups of people. Recreational football, baseball, basketball, and soccer, are great ways to have fun with your friends and stay active. If you and your friends are football fans then it would be a fun idea to get tickets to watch the Peach Bowl 2022 together.

If you are looking to play sports that do not require rigorous activity, then you may want to try out table tennis or billiards. Ping pong requires you to be active because of the constant lateral movement to return each shot. However, the tables used for table tennis are not very large, so there is not that much movement involved. Billiards is much more of a sedentary sport. You are required to walk around the table to hit each shot, but it is much more relaxed than other sports.


Dancing can be a group activity that ramps up the heart rate. This is an activity that you probably do a lot by yourself, but sometimes jamming out to some music with friends can lead to dancing. The constant movement that is required for dancing can increase your heart rate.

There are also dancing classes that can be taken at local gyms that are great for getting a workout in. You and your friends could decide to go to a class like this and work out together. However, classes like these may be a bit more intense than jamming out and leisurely dancing to music in your room.


5 Group Activities While Staying Active

Camping itself is not an activity that will get the heart rate elevated, but the activities that come along with camping will. When you are camping, you will be outdoors and performing activities such as hiking and swimming. Getting your campsite set up could be a strenuous activity. Setting up your tent and gathering wood for a fire may cause you to sweat a little bit, especially since you are outdoors.

Hiking can be another fun activity to do while camping. It allows you to explore the land around your campsite, and you will get a good workout in. State parks typically have a lot of cool paths to hike, as well as water to swim in. Specifically, camping in Louisiana state parks can provide you with plenty of opportunities to go swimming.

Jumping On A Trampoline

Jumping on a trampoline is a casual way to get outside with your friends and get your heart rate slightly elevated. The constant movement of jumping can allow you to be a little active. If you want to do an activity that elevates your heart rate you can create games with your friends while jumping on a trampoline. One game that could be great for jumping on trampolines is basketball. If you could get a little rubber basketball and a hoop that you can hang on the netting surrounding your trampoline, then you can get a good sweat in playing against your friends.

Riding Bikes

5 Group Activities While Staying Active

Riding bikes is a good cardiovascular activity for you to do with your friends. Instead of driving your cars to get to places, or having your parents drive you places, you should ride your bikes with your friends. This is especially true if you are a younger individual. When you get good at riding a bike you can start messing around with tricks that will make riding bikes that much more fun.


You may be able to create a modified version of these activities that better suits you and your friends. Regardless of the modifications, you may make to these activities, doing these activities with your friends can help you stay active.

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