What Type Of Dance Should My Child Learn?

What Type Of Dance Should My Child Learn?

Dancing has always been a popular pass time. It can also be a lucrative career although it is a difficult field to make it professionally. What is surprising is that the main forms of dance stay popular throughout the years, ballet, ballroom, jazz, and even Irish dancing are as popular today as they were 50 years ago.

The problem is that children who want to be great dancers need to start young, but how do you know which type of dancing they should learn?

Speak To The Studio

The first step should be to speak to your child. They may have a good idea of what they want to learn. If there is no pressing reason for them not to learn their specified type of dance then this is a great starting point.

If they are unsure where to start then you need to speak to a reputable school, such as the dance studio castle hill. The staff will talk to you and your child to discover their interests and which class is most likely to suit them. 

Obviously, your child should start with a beginner’s class. You should also note that there is no wrong choice when they are young, if they are not enjoying one type of dance they can switch to a different type.  Jazz Junction can help.  Check out their website now. 

It’s important to consider their level of discipline. Ballet is great for strength and flexibility. But, it is very disciplined and some children may find this hard. If this is the case then get your child to start with something more fun and relaxed, such as hip hop, contemporary, or even jazz. 

You should note that if they become serious about dancing the discipline and structure of ballet will be extremely beneficial to them.

Ballet As A Starting Point

In general, kids dancing classes is a great starting point. Children learn to point toes, move gracefully, and will build strength and coordination in the process. In essence, a grounding in ballet will allow them to do well in all other types of dance.

However, if they try ballet and don’t take to it then it’s perfectly okay to have them switch to hip hop or some other type of dance. In order to undertake dancing in the long term your child must love dancing. Choose a type of dance that allows them to enjoy dancing and you’ll be off to a good start.

Don’t forget that children tend to like, doing what other children are doing. If they have a friend who is already dancing then they are likely to want to join them. Again, this is a good starting point.

All you have to do is monitor them to ensure they are enjoying and benefitting from the class. They are never too young to start, if they are interested in dancing then let them try and see what happens.

Regardless of which type of dance they prefer, the moment they become serious they will need to learn ballet, it’s the core of all other dance moves.

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