5 Killer Websites For Audiobooks

5 Killer Websites For Audiobooks

Are you an enthusiast reader? Reading enhances our knowledge of various topics. However, e-Books are a growing trend as the treasure of world-class books written by the top writers is brought to the fingertips.

Again, only the screens of your internet-connected devices are replacing the pages of the hard-copies of the books. Still, you need to follow the same process of ‘old-fashioned reading’ in this method.

5 Killer Websites For Audiobooks

Audiobooks: the latest trend:

The latest solution for the book lovers can be Audiobooks availed online. So, you can plug in your headphones and enjoy the works of some of the greatest writers. The expert narrators contribute their voice and you can readily listen to the content through these Audiobooks.

Where can you get the top Audiobooks?

The younger generation has learned the art as treating the internet as their best friend. Today, you can search online for the websites that offer you Audiobooks in a wide range of variety. Here are 50 best audiobooks to start with

Depending upon:

  • The collection of the books availed,
  • Ease in listening and
  • Overall performance,

We have tried to bring you this list.

Top 5 websites that offer Audiobooks:

It would be vital to know the top ranking, free websites that offer Audiobooks. This would help you to improve your collection of Audiobooks of your chosen topics and concepts. So, you can start a new journey in learning through the technology-driven solution.

This is a user-friendly website offering a treasure of educational resources free of cost. Thus, if you are a keen learner, interested in literature and fiction, this can be a great online platform for you. You can easily download around 900 Audiobooks through this website for free.

Other resources offered:

Apart from the Audiobooks, you can also stream movies, textbooks in ebook format and some online courses on this website. So, this can be an ideal online platform for engaging content that allows you to get knowledge and entertainment in various formats.

Books in different audio formats:

To access the Audiobooks, there can be some system requirements as well. Based on your choice, you can get the Audiobooks in different formats such as:

  • The popular mp3 downloads or online streaming
  • You can get links to iTunes
  • You can also stream the Audiobooks on Spotify

So, this website offers diversity in solutions that you can choose as per your convenience and availability of gadgets with features. You can use the filters to search for books by authors. There are some limitations about the available formats of every book.

This can be a trusted online platform for listening to and reading the books available in the public domain. With a motto to avail almost every book in the public domain in an audible format, this website is the treasure of free recordings of several books.

Different narrators contributing:

The expert and amateur narrators contribute for narrating and editing for the books availed through the website. So, the audio can be of different categories with respect to audibility and understandable accents.

You can easily download Audiobooks and listen to them on computers, mobiles or even a Walkman by downloading them on a CD. You can find Audiobooks in various languages here.

Some of the books are recorded in the voices of many people. Thus, you can make a choice as per your convenience. However, the choices for books can be limited, as many of the books were published before a century.

This website works with an innovative concept. This website collaborates with the local libraries. You can subscribe with a local library card to borrow the Audiobooks. You can borrow Audiobooks or e-Books for your mobile devices with Apple, Android or Windows-based operating systems.

Interested to get the Audiobooks in mp3 format? You can download the desktop app for this. Another option can be downloading ‘Libby’ app for mobile devices. However, searching for a particular book through this website can be confusing. You can follow these steps to get your desired Audiobook:

  • On the Homepage, click on “Find Libraries Near You”
  • Locate the library and click on ‘Website’ to reach the digital section
  • Find the desired Audiobook from the available options
  • Download the Audiobook in mp3 format.

Interested in the stories in a serialized format? This website has collaborated with a service called Podiobooks. If you are fond of listening to Podcasts or small audios, this is the right platform for you. You can also avail new releases apart from the wide range of Audiobooks and eBooks.

On purchase of an Audiobook, you can get the e-book free. This brings added convenience to your learning. You can spend time during nights to read and continue listening on the go during the day.

The cost of the books would be determined based on the demand in the market. Obviously, the bestsellers would be costlier. This can be a wonderful platform to avail a wide variety of Audiobooks anyway.

Being among the biggest online shopping portals across the globe, Amazon also offers Audiobooks through ‘Audible’. You can start with a 30-day trial and listen to one Audiobook and two Audible originals. So, fabulous entertainment would be delivered to you in audio format.

Subscribe to Audible and other features:

You can subscribe for Audible to avail a wide range of Audiobooks. You can carry forward the unused credits for the next five months. Even if you begin an Audiobook and don’t like it, you can swap it away. This gives the freedom to stick to the things you admire the most. Learn how does audible work to get started and get 2 first free downloads

You can listen to the Audiobooks through the Audible App for different formats. If you have subscribed for Amazon Prime, you can avail free access to Audible as well. Members can listen to 50 Audiobooks at a convenient time.

So, with these top websites offering Audiobooks, you can begin a new way of learning and access the favorite and globally admired books conveniently. This would be a great start for keeping you engaged with new ideas and great stories.



  1. wow, thanks for sharing!! I love audiobooks!!

  2. Thanks for including Scribl in your list, Terri. We’re just getting started, but already have one of the largest (maybe the largest) selections of free original audiobooks on the planet. As you pointed out, ad-free versions of the more popular titles are more expensive and every audiobook purchased (not necessarily true for all the free titles) includes the ebook at no additional charge. But many of the most popular titles are also available as free ad-supported podcasts. And if you’re not familiar with podcasts — no problem, just listen to them right at Scribl.com in your browser on any device!

    For those books you do buy, we pay authors the vast majority of your payment, meaning that if you want to support the authors you like, the best place to buy their titles is on Scribl. At anyplace else, the store keeps most of the money, just giving the author a small share.

    We also have the only system for searching for titles you like using Story Elements — want to only see books with a female protagonist or with no violence or set in space or with dark humor or any of 20 Story Elements and in any combination (only action adventures set at sea or vampire romances in the Civil War southeast US…)? We’ve got you covered! As our library of titles grow, this will become more and more helpful to find exactly the kind of book you want, every time.

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