Top Cosmetic Surgeries: 5 of the Most Popular Procedures

Top Cosmetic Surgeries: 5 of the Most Popular Procedures

Did you know that nearly 18 million cosmetic procedures were performed in the United States in 2018? Almost 16 million of those were minimally invasive procedures such as laser hair removal and botulinum injections. Breast augmentation surgery is also very popular, accounting for more than 300,000 procedures every year.

The cosmetic surgery industry is continuously on the rise because these procedures are increasingly cheap and effective. Whether you want to get rid of aging signs or a few extra pounds of fat, nowadays it can be done quickly and safely with the help of a competent Cosmetic Doctor in Northern Virginia. Keep reading to learn more about the top cosmetic surgeries performed in the US today.


Liposuction involves using a special device to melt the layers of fat on various parts of the body such as the abdominal area or thighs. This fat is then “sucked” using a special pump and removed, leaving the patient looking slender and more attractive. Liposuction is not painful and its price is dropping each year, so more and more people can afford it.


Abdominoplasty is also known as “tummy tuck”. This is a procedure usually requested by women who just gave birth and want to achieve a slimmer body shape. Abdominoplasty involves eliminating excess skin from the abdominal area and tightening the remaining skin portions. Patients are able to return to work after just a few weeks and the procedure is safe and effective.

Breast Augmentation

More and more women request breast augmentation procedures to improve their image and self-esteem. Most of these procedures are done using silicone implants, but some of them also use saline implants. Best of all, patients can resume normal activities in just one or two weeks after the procedure, but they should refrain from intense physical activity for longer.


Blepharoplasty is a common cosmetic procedure designed to improve the shape of the eyelids and eliminate excess skin. In some cases, too much skin on the eyelids can obstruct vision and give the appearance of premature aging. Blepharoplasty corrects this problem and makes patients look younger and have a more vibrant look. It’s possible to resume normal activities in 2 weeks after the surgery, especially if most of the swelling is gone.


Rhinoplasty is similar to blepharoplasty, just that it involves reshaping the nose. It’s commonly known as a “nose job” and it can make the nose have a more delicate and/or symmetric appearance. A lot of women usually request a rhinoplasty, but there are also plenty of MMA fighters who need to get their nose reshaped as a result of continuous injury.

Now You Know More About the Top Cosmetic Surgeries Done in The US

These are just 5 top cosmetic surgeries currently performed every year, but there are many others such as laser hair removal, chemical, peel, etc. Although a surgery always carries a risk for side effects and complications, most of these cosmetic procedures are very safe and effective, improving the image and self-esteem of the patient.

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