Does Banana Increase Belly Fat: Find Out The Truth!

Does Banana Increase Belly Fat: Find Out The Truth!

In many cultures a big belly is a sign of wealth and happiness. But in today’s day and age, how many people would appreciate a big belly that comes in the way of getting fit and leading a healthier life?

Research suggests that a growing number of men and women, even teenagers have started to suffer from signs of obesity. Even being slightly overweight puts a person at high risk for serious cardiac health issues such as Heart Attacks and Arterial Blockages.

First impressions last a lifetime. If you are chasing a dream job or planning to meet a prospective romance, the thought of showing up with a big belly does not seem too appealing, does it?

Further studies have suggested that increasing weight, added on top of an inactive life can prove to be fatal for the body. Being overweight or having a big belly may cause diabetes, increased chances of stroke and in some cases, even dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Natural Fat burners like PhenQ can be a good option for you if you are looking to get rid of your belly quickly. These can help suppress your appetite, improve your gut health and can help you burn more calories during your workouts.

In this article we are going to discuss an extremely popular fruit which is eaten by adults and kids alike: the humble banana. 

Read on to find out if eating bananas really increases belly fat or is it just a myth!

What Does An Average Banana Contain?

  • Potassium: 12%

Helps to get stronger bones and maintain good cardiac health. A nominal level of Potassium must be consumed on a regular basis and eating bananas is a good way to do that.

  • Vitamin B6: 20%

A great antioxidant, it acts as a surplus to the immune system. This vitamin protects the body from a host of diseases such as bad bladder function, tooth decay and kidney stones.

  • Vitamin C: 17%

A very popular Vitamin, helps to prevent many diseases like the common cold and flu. It helps to protect and regenerate tissues of the body as well as helping in the absorption of Iron.

  • Magnesium: 8%

It is one of the primary caretakers of the body’s nervous system, it monitors and regulates all nerve endings which makes us experience pain. Magnesium also aids in Protein Synthesis and cellular metabolism of the body.

  • Copper: 5%

This might be a little surprising but one of the main minerals that take care of regulating the skin’s elasticity and overall beauty is Copper. It is vital that a minor amount is consumed on a regular basis.

  • Manganese: 15%

This mineral when combined with other nutrients such as Calcium and Potassium is responsible for maintaining bone health in the body, especially in older adults.

  • Fiber: 3.1 grams

Fiber is extremely important for better digestion and overall bowel health.

Is Banana a Good Workout Food?

Bananas may be eaten as a pre or post-workout snack to make your physical activity sessions more effective. The fruit is extremely low in saturated fat and sodium. In fact, it is full of essential vitamins and minerals to keep your body from developing diseases.

Consuming bananas before a workout helps with nerve and muscle function during heavy physical activity. It also regulates and slows down the release of Glucose in the tissues of the body, thus making your work worth the effort.

Are Bananas Fattening?

To clarify a common misconception, research suggests that fruits in their natural form may not be a source to gain weight. Since bananas contain a healthy amount of Carbohydrates, it has gained a bad reputation among fitness enthusiasts regarding its nutrient values.

The carbohydrates that a banana contains are actually extremely good for health. It regulates blood pressure and stops you from snacking on unnecessary junk food.

Bananas are very easily digestible, thus leading to no bowel complications after eating it. They may be an excellent source of roughage and can make your mornings a whole lot smoother.

To put it simply, no, Bananas consumed along with a balanced, nutritious diet and coupled with adequate exercise is not going to make you fat.

Are Bananas a Healthy Snack?

Bananas contain a Glycemic Index of only 54 and is a good source of  fiber, vitamin C, potassium, manganese, vitamin B6 and essential amino acids. It may be difficult to find a snack that is healthier than a banana.

The only way that you may gain weight by eating bananas is if you eat more than half a dozen of them regularly without exercising and leading an overall unhealthy lifestyle full of junk food, alcohol and smoking.

Bananas also contain pectin and resistant starch which keeps you feeling full for longer. This makes bananas ideal for any weight loss regime.

One can substitute a number of high calorie desserts with bananas like: Bananas dipped in dark chocolate sauce, frozen yoghurt (but made with bananas), added to overnight oats and chia pudding and many more. It can be used to make a plethora of delicious low fat desserts.

Do Bananas Help Control Your Appetite?

Consuming high-fiber, low-calorie snacks can help regulate weight loss regimes and overall fitness levels.

Fruits that are rich in fiber may help prevent hunger pangs and subsequent overeating or midnight binging on junk food. Choosing bananas is a healthier option without adding lots of unnecessary calories to your everyday diet.

In fact, bananas may help keep your stomach feeling much fuller as compared to other higher-calorie snacks.

However, it is important to mention that they aren’t quite as filling as some other fruits. For example, apples and oranges may be more filling than bananas and contain more fiber as well.

The utmost importance in a plan to get rid of belly fat is to have a healthy and nutrient rich diet. 

Apart from a nutritious diet and a disciplined workout regime, you can add popular appetite suppressants like Meticore in your routine. This all natural supplement not only curbs your appetite by increasing the core temperature of your body but can also boost your metabolism and provide you more energy for longer workout sessions.

Can You Consume Bananas Regularly?

Bananas are extremely healthy and nutritious; they can be eaten in various different forms. It is also an excellent source of fiber, but low in calories, making it versatile.

Bananas usually have a low to medium Glycemic Index, and mostly do not cause significant spikes in blood sugar levels compared to other high-carbohydrate containing foods.

They contain several properties that make it an excellent food option for people of all age groups. Serving as a pre or post work out snack, having it for breakfast or as part of smoothies or dessert, the food options containing bananas are endless.

If you are sincerely trying to lose weight, then there may be no problem eating bananas on a regular basis as a part of a balanced diet. 

Coupled with a good night’s sleep and healthy habits such as an active lifestyle and targeted exercise, losing belly fat might just become easier with eating bananas.

Final Thoughts: Do Bananas Help Decrease Belly Fat?

Having a balanced diet and regular exercise is quite easy when you are dedicated to losing that stubborn belly fat. On the other hand, constantly feeling full, experiencing stomach pain and frequent snack cravings are all markers of a bad diet, devoid of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Bananas are full of fibre, along with containing vitamins and minerals. You may try and include at least one average sized banana in your everyday meals to see visible results.

There are many reasons for which a big belly can develop over a period of time, no matter what a person’s age is. It is important to regulate the accumulation of belly fat as soon as possible to avoid developing various diseases later in life.

Lifestyle issues such as a sedentary work week, little exercise and a poor diet, personal or work related stress issues and even genetic factors may cause an increasing waistline.

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