Why Subway Tiles Are The New Classic

Subway tiles have become increasingly popular and the go-to tiles among the home decor options. These tiles have become a staple in household decoration in the past six or seven years and that trend is showing no signs of stopping any time soon. In the humble opinion of this writer, there are both good and bad sides to this. First of all, you may think what is the bad side of such a mainstay in decor options. Well, like any other trend, trends can get boring and get there very fast. When everyone and their mother is using the same thing, it can become very cliched and boring. 

Variety is an undeniable factor that will bring spice to life. The case of subway tiles is no different. It is not at all uncommon to get bored with something that you have seen a gazillion times on Instagram or Pinterest or in so many of your neighbor’s houses, be it in their kitchens or baths. Whenever something becomes trendy, there is a very strong chance of it being overused. This does not, however, mean that you can’t still use them in creative ways. Listed below are some tips and tricks to make your subway tiles stand out. If you install your subway tiles in this way, you can go a long way in separating yourself from the rest and have your tiles looking splendid and not cliched and also definitely not boring.  

Trimmed Edges

Trimmed edges are a surefire way to make any tiling look that much more finished and tailored for the particular space it occupies. When done properly, trimmed edges make for some of the most original looking tiles and not at all of the “normal” trends that are going around in the tiling world.

It does not matter where you decide to use them, having the edges that are visible will give the overall look of the tiles a much more finished look; it will also “feel” finished. 

Use Borders

One of the biggest advantages subway tiles have over other types of tiles is that they come in a bunch of different sizes, colors, and shapes. A very simple method in achieving a unique look in your subway tile is to install a contrast with a border. Many even go for the bold choice of having the border be made out of a completely different material. For example, imagine a marble Carrara tile border with an installation of a serene-looking white subway tile. 

Color Blocking

Color blocking is a method of using a pair or more bold colors together. This is a very popular trend going around the interior design world right now and it can be easily achieved in the kitchen as well. Pairing a couple of bold-colored subway tiles together can be the perfect way to make your kitchen look much more unique. This technique is also very useful in the elongation of space and it is also very useful in breaking up a boring completely white tile pattern.

Colored Tiles

Using colored tiles is another way to make your subway tiles look more interesting and unique. This method of decor will make for a much more updated and modern feel to an otherwise boring layout of subway tiles, in whatever location of the house you decide to use them in.

Different Patterns

To make the most of the tiles you already have at your disposal, try lining them up in different patterns and directions. This is a proven method in bringing about a nice and interesting look that is both in trend and unique to the individual using them. 

Decorating the surroundings

Another simple and yet effective method to spice up the look of your subway tiles is to design the surroundings of the tiles in an interesting and unique way. How you decide to decorate the surrounding of the tiles can make or break the aesthetic appeal of the space the tiles are in. If, for example, you have decided to use subway tiles in your bathroom because of their durability and their status of being a classic, you will also want to use materials in their surroundings that are as durable. The entire design scheme of the space matters, all the little details matter, and these factors will highly determine how your space looks.

Subway tiles have been popular for quite some time now. Yet their status of being trendy is slowly being replaced with the status of being classic. It is like a basic white t-shirt. It will always be in fashion but still, look exciting and new. It all depends on how exactly you are utilizing them. The tips and tricks listed above will go a long way in making your subway tiles look like classic tiling options.

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