How Exercise Can Reduce Pain

Pain is something that everybody experiences. At some point, you’re going to have to deal with it. 

However, if you’re dealing with it on a consistent basis you may think that exercise is the last thing you need. The idea of any kind of exertion may make you feel overwhelmed. 

The truth is that exercise is one of the most potent and effective ways in which you can help to reduce and alleviate pain. Here’s a look at some of the main benefits and why you should develop an exercise program even if you are constantly in pain.

Release of Endorphins

When you exercise it releases endorphins throughout your body and this is a natural painkiller. Your transmitters interact with the receptors that you have in your brain. 

This will squash that feeling of pain very quickly and replace it with a sense of joy and peace. All you have to do is start exercising. 

You will be able to release endorphins which helps to alleviate pain very quickly. Remember exercise doesn’t have to be boring, you can get footloose and fancy free with dancing or swim like a dolphin if you want. Just get moving!

Improve Circulation

Any physical activity that you do will increase the blood flow throughout your body. This will cause oxygen and other nutrients to go to the cells in your body. This will drive out waste products and is very helpful for those who are having pain.

When oxygen is generated blood begins to be driven into the affected areas that may have damaged tissues which is causing pain. It will have a healing effect on the tissues. Once the repair of these tissues is underway you will start to experience some relief from the pain.

Strengthen Your Muscles

Another thing you will experience with a lot of exercises is the strengthening of your muscles. When your muscles are weak or out of balance in any way they don’t just make you feel weak, they can cause chronic pain as well. 

It’s a great idea to start doing strength training to help build and tone up your muscles. When your muscles are strong you’ll be able to have the weight of your body distributed more evenly and this can help to throw off the pain that is running through your body.

When you’re doing strength training you have to be very careful so make sure you get a qualified trainer. You can also go to My Pain Center to find products that will help.

Reduce Stress and Sleep Better

One of the things that physical activities can target is your stress hormone. This hormone is called cortisol. 

Cortisol is known for triggering the release of serotonin which can relieve stress. 

When stress is reduced and your mood is elevated it’s likely that you will at least feel some decrease in the pain that you are feeling. You will also have better sleep quality and this can help to kick that pain right out of your life, so you feel amazing.

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