5 Types Of Dog Harnesses Owners Are Loving

5 Types Of Dog Harnesses Owners Are Loving

Dogs are man’s best friend for a reason: they’re always ready to go anywhere with you and do anything you want to do.

As long as their favorite person (you) is going to be there… they’re in!

However, depending on both the breed and personality of your dog, that may be easy or extremely difficult to do.

It’s always helpful to have a handy harness that’s equal to the task. One that holds around your dog comfortably in case a sudden jerk were to happen.

Here are some of the best dog harnesses for you to choose from for your loyal companion.

1. Expawlorer Soft Reflective Harness

Do you and your big furry friend like to take a run or two throughout the day? If so, this harness promotes healthy strides for your pup as they keep up with your every step.

This harness is made with big dogs in mind, and while that can be a relative term, it comes with adjustable strapping to make sure and fit your dog comfortably.

The metal leash ring is placed atop the vest to protect them from jerks while giving you a way to control their front end. Think of a car with front-wheel drive that’s been lifted off the front wheels… at least, that’s the idea.

If you two tend to prefer running or walking at night (especially in those hot summer months), the vest comes with a reflective streak. The reflective line extends from the back all the way down to the sides. Make sure you pack Long Ears Dog bowls to keep your dog hydrated, before you go anywhere.

The strips themselves ensure comfort and support and comes with a handle on the back for those moments you need a bit more control. Especially for those instances where another dog passes by.

It comes in several colors, so you can find the perfect one to match you and your dog’s style.

All in all, this is a fantastic harness and only costs $17 on retail; a bargain for the price!

2. Doggles Biker Vest Dog Harness

Perhaps your dog comes in a tinier size than the type listed above and has a bit more style and swagger to them than the traditional harness.

If so, then the Doggles biker vest may be the perfect blend of style, fit, and security to fit her/his needs.

This vest gives off the crossbones and barbed-wire look to show all the other pups in the community that they’re bad to the bone!

Not only is it stylish, but it also does a great job of lessening the load on any one part of your dog’s body if you need to tug them back. The leash ring is on top to prevent neck strain on your pup that a typical leash would have.

Equip your dog with this and they’ll be wearing the best dog harness in town!

3. Rabbitgoo No-Pull Pet Harness

This dog harness makes our list for two highly-important reasons: versatility and comfortability.

Your dog will thank you for the security that it brings without being harmful to their bodies if a sudden jerk were to happen. Think of them taking off after a squirrel on a limited leash… every dog owner knows how hard that jerk can be to your pup.

Thankfully, this harness’s four straps can all be adjusted to fit any chest proportions and shoulder size. As your dog ages, the harness allows for simple resizing.

Your dog will hardly notice that they’re wearing a harness at all, it’s a lightweight no pull dog harness to help your furry guy or gal run comfortably at the nearby park.

There’s no need to take this harness off until you get home. Just buckle the leash back into its metal ring on the back when it’s time to go!

This harness can be you and your dog’s for only $15 at retail, and it comes in several different colors for you to choose from!

4. Ruffwear Front Range Harness

When walking your dog, it’s best to have a harness with control over the entire front end of your dog’s body. The trick is avoiding their neck at the same time… not easy to do.

Fortunately, the Ruffwear front range combats that with a harness that reaches around both ends of the dog’s shoulders.

Now your dog will be comfortable moving forward, backward, or side-to-side.

It also offers several areas for adjusting in the straps around the shoulders and the chest. The leash ring is placed at it’s lowest point on the dog’s back to give you full control.

While it runs a bit higher at $40, the comfort and durability are well worth the investment!

5. Puppia Soft Dog Harness

Maybe you’re looking to ensure soft and comfortable wear for your dog by the material their harness is made of.

In that case, the Puppia Soft dog harness is a perfect fit with the mesh-like fabric that it’s made of. It allows breathability in the chest where most other harnesses don’t.

It still comes with an adjustable strap and provides just enough resistance if you need to guide your dog back on to the path you want.

The light weight of this harness helps ease the burden on your dog’s body as you walk. You won’t have to worry about the sun beating down on the harness wrapped around their bodies.

This harness helps you avoid the harmful nylon and provides all the needs of a dog harness for only $14 via retail… now you just need to decide on the color…

The Best Dog Harnesses Adjust to the Dog

As you’ve undoubtedly seen, the best dog harnesses in the business are the ones that optimize comfortability and flexibility for your dog.

Dogs come in all different shapes and sizes, but the harness shouldn’t let that stand in the way of safely securing your dog.

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