5 Ways How Your Body Reacts to the Excessive Intake of Sugar

5 Ways How Your Body Reacts to the Excessive Intake of Sugar

Almost every edible that receives widespread love nowadays contains high levels of sugar. Be it candies, ice cream, sugary beverages, or junk food; every single item is absolutely loaded with sugar.

Excessive consumption of sugar does not only have adverse effects on the body, but it can also have a lasting impact on mental health. The adverse health effects of overeating sugar are quite evident, but the obesity rates are still increasing at a rapid pace globally.

5 Ways How Your Body Reacts to the Excessive Intake of Sugar

Therefore, it is paramount that you comprehensively understand the various ways in which your body reacts to the overconsumption of sugar.

  1.     Your body gains weight:

One of the main culprits of sugar build up in your body is the fizzy beverages being marketed so aggressively. These drinks contain fructose, which increases your hunger for more food, and it may also cause resistance to leptin, an enzyme that regulates your appetite.

Therefore, drinking beverages drenches your system with loads of liquid calories, and resultantly you can gain weight tremendously in the long run. This weight gain also leads to further issues like varicose veins, which can be treated by opting for evit treatment for varicose veins.

  1.     Your body may experience cardiovascular incidents:

Ingesting excess sugar leads to the onslaught of insulin in your arteries, and cause inflammation and stiffening, which further makes the person prone to cardiac episodes. Moreover, a growing body of scholarship has identified a link between high blood pressure and atherosclerosis with high sugar consumption. All of the health issues mentioned above are high-risk factors for cardiac incidents, which is the leading cause of deaths worldwide.

  1.     Your body will experience mood swings:

Intake of sugary items like cookies or candies give you an immediate sugar kick, and you start to feel more energetic. But, pretty soon, this sugar kick transforms into a sugar crash, and you start feeling jittery, anxious, and fatigued. You can deal with fatigue by following some tips, but anxiety can severely put you at risk of experiencing chronic depression and therefore have to be prevented by minimizing overconsumption of sugar.

  1.     Your body may experience type-2 diabetes:

There is an indirect connection of diabetes with excessive sugar consumption such that overeating sugar can lead to obesity, which is often considered as the most potent risk factor for diabetes. Moreover, excessive sugar in your system can lead to resistance against insulin, which is a hormone produced to regulate sugar in the body. Resultantly, your blood sugar levels spike and cause a condition called type-2 diabetes.

  1.     Your body may go through premature aging:

There exists a robust evidential link between opting for unhealthy food choices and premature aging. Advanced Glycation end products or AGE’s are formed by the reactions between sugars and proteins in your body. They are considered to be the main reason behind the premature aging as they damage the proteins like collagen and elastin that facilitate in stretching the skin and gives it a youthful appearance.

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