5 Tips for Shopping Designer Clothes Online

5 Tips for Shopping Designer Clothes Online

5 Tips for Shopping Designer Clothes Online

If you’re tightening your belt in 2020, there’s no reason why that belt can’t be a fresh-off-the-runway designer belt. While the market for luxury clothing has exploded in recent years, so has the market for those looking to enjoy luxury for less.

Shopping for designer clothes online is a tried and tested way of getting a top-notch designer brand for less than you would ever pay in-store. However, it’s not as simple as typing “Gucci” into eBay and hoping for the best.

Luxury shopping online requires plenty of savvy, as well as knowledge of how the online luxury clothing market works.

If you want to get designer luxury for less while avoiding being ripped off, here are the five essential tips you’ll need to pull it off.

1. Buying Designer Clothes Online: Use a Trusted Retailer

This first and most important step for buying authentic luxury fashion online is to use a trusted, well-known retailer. There are countless fraud sites out there that are desperate to separate you from your hard-earned cash.

Make sure you are not conned by opting for a Leading online destination for luxury fashion & independent designers, such as N2315.

Sites such as these have a strong reputation within the community of online luxury shoppers. They also stay clear of cheap knock-offs and fakes, meaning you’ll always get the genuine article.

2. Always Verify the Size

There are too many stories of online luxury retailers selling the wrong size to unwitting customers. The last thing you want is to cop yourself a rare vintage Valentino, only to find out it is two sizes too small.

When conducting branded online shopping, always take the necessary steps to verify the size. This can be as simple as asking the vendor what the size is.

Most importantly, you’ll want to verify what country size scale the clothing uses. An American size 6 is very different from Chinese size 6, so do your due diligence.

3. Check for Videos If You Can

A reliable way of deciding on the wares offered by designer brand online boutiques is to check for videos. These will help you see how the clothes you are considering will look on you and how they might fit your body type.

If the website doesn’t have any videos of the clothes being worn, don’t panic. You can simply check sites such as YouTube for runway footage of the items on your list. This can guide your decision-making.

4. Shop Around

It is important not to simply stick with the first online luxury retailer that pops up on Google. With so many trusted vendors about, a little bit of shopping around could save you a lot of money.

An item listed for one price on a particular site might be available at a much lower price somewhere else, so take your time.

5. Be Prepared to Haggle

Finally, if you’re buying pre-owned luxury fashion from personal sellers, haggling is key. Lots of sellers are happy to negotiate on the price, within reason.

This means that it is time to dust-off your haggling skills and see if you can save yourself a few pennies on your next Dior bag.

Stick Around to Learn More

Buying designer clothes online is just the first step to looking your best for less. Make sure to consult my regularly-updated fashion and lifestyle articles to hack your wardrobe in 2020.

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