How to Spend a Weekend

What do you do at the weekend? Is it a case of rushing around madly trying to get all those things done you didn’t have time for in the week? Or do you lie back, chill and spend the weekend doing very little only to find you’ve achieved absolutely nothing on your two days off from work? It might surprise you to learn that successful people tend to spend their weekends in a certain way. If you want to make the most of your weekends, here are some things you should be doing.

  • Have a Plan

The temptation to do nothing at the weekend is big, especially when you’re so busy on weekdays. Make a plan for the weekend and the anticipation will be half of the fun. If you haven’t made plans, when Sunday evening hits you’ll be wondering what you’ve been doing all weekend.  

  • Aim for a Handful of Anchor Events

Don’t feel the need to fill all 60 hours of your weekend. Include four or five core events and you’ll be able to look back and consider it time well spent. Enjoy dinner with your parents, a walk on the beach, read a few chapters of your book, and get some exercise.  

  • Do Something That’s Different

On average, there are 60 hours in a weekend which means there’s lots of time for trying something new. Make a list of the things you can do in your neighborhood and you’ll have ideas for the next couple of months at least.

  • Factor in Time for Exercise

Exercise is beneficial for both your physical and mental health. You might not have a lot of spare time for exercising on weekdays, but at the weekend there’s no excuse. As well as keeping yourself fit and healthy, exercise can provide opportunities for socializing.

  • Remember Some Downtime

There are so many distractions in the modern world that it’s easy to forget about yourself and do things that relax you. Perhaps vaping is something you’d like to try. Thousands of people find this pastime very relaxing. To get started, all you need to do is visit for all your supplies.

  • Do Chores on Weekdays

What do you do when you come home from work? Do you switch on the TV, make a quick bite to eat, and settle down to watch your favorite programs until it’s time to hit the hay? Try to get some of your chores done on the weekdays and get organized with magnetic planners, and you’ll have more time to spare at the weekend. What would you rather be doing? Getting your laundry done or lying around on the beach for a couple of hours?

  • Disconnect from Work

Even the most successful business people take time off at the weekends. And that means disconnecting from work rather than checking emails and planning for your next week’s work. Aim to have at least one whole day off from work every week and you’ll be able to return after the weekend feeling relaxed and refreshed.

There are lots of things you can fill your time with at the weekends but try to include the 7 things mentioned above.


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  1. My husband has a crazy schedule and usually works 4 days on 4 days off. I usually try to do all the house chores on his 4 work days, this allows us more free time for my boys and I to hand out with him when he’s off. I need to work on having things planned for our 4 days off.

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