6 Website Translator Jobs For Recent College Graduates

6 Website Translator Jobs For Recent College Graduates

According to reliable data sources, over 14 million Britons are currently working online on a full-time basis. A further 43% of British nationals occasionally work from home. Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, these numbers have soared as more people find new ways of making money remotely.

As the use of technology takes root, fresh graduates now have a broader range of opportunities to make a living online. The freelance translation sector is the newest kid in the online block. Today, a sizeable number of freelancers have found a comfortable source of livelihood through translator jobs.   

Are you an enterprising and educated college graduate looking to earn an extra dollar? You can utilize your multilingual skills as an online translator now. Here are the top 6 translator jobs. 

1. ProZ.com 

Are you looking for the largest marketplace for language professionals? ProZ.com is your one-stop-shop for all the translator job gigs. You’ll find a bit of everything from invoicing to forums, and courses on freelance translator jobs.

ProZ.com presents an opportunity for budding freelancers to bid for translator jobs without prior experience. Jobs on ProZ.com are regular. You can also choose to pair languages depending on your multilingual capability. 

Some of the most common language pairs you can consider include Spanish, English, and French. With ProZ.com, you can also access the paid membership option. This is a perfect place to start for beginners looking to gain traction in the freelance translator industry. 

2. Language Line Solutions 

Language Line Solutions is a perfect opportunity to grow your translator skills if you’re in the USA or UK. The telephone interpreting service offers translation services in more than 200 languages. With an hourly range of approximately $ 12.77 for language interpreters, this is among the perfect options for any beginner.

Language Line also offers exceptional opportunities for experienced medical students to work as medical interpreters. You can earn as much as $ 18.89 per hour for medical interpreters or more with additional experience. Language Line also has customer service representative interpreters who earn a handsome sum for their translation roles.  

3. Translate Media 

If you’re looking to work in a more professional setting with global brands, then Translate media has an opportunity for you. 

The translation agency has over 10,000 in-country, native, and professional translators who deliver high–quality translations in over 100 languages.  Whether you are a corporate working with foreign brands or a budding translator looking to utilize your talent, Translate Media is your ultimate solution. 

As a translator, you will be part of localizing different companies’ websites to fit into the various local community dialects. 

If you can comfortably communicate in a few local languages, this might be a perfect chance to make an income as a translator. Visitors looking to hire a translator or work as interpreters can visit this website translation company to get the best rates. 

4. TranslatorsCafe 

TranslatorsCafe has a minimum of around 2 million visitors a year. The site is a family-like community with a considerable rate of jobs per hour. Compared to ProZ.com, TranslatorsCafe has a smaller community and fewer jobs. 

One primary concern with TranslatorsCafe remains the lack of future savviness in their automation. The site has earned the image of the Pepsi of the translation industry given that it’s still stuck in the 2000s. Most first-time translators feel like the website is complex to navigate.

You might need to put up your profile on TranslatorsCafe before landing your first gig. You will then rank within categories that include linguist, linguist & agency, agency representative, job poster, or client. 

Whether you’re looking to hire a translator or are looking to become a translator yourself, TranslatorsCafe should be a perfect option for you. 

5. Upwork.com 

You can never talk about online freelance jobs without mentioning Upwork.com.

 This site is among the oldies of the industry and is the to-go-to option for anyone looking to venture into the freelancing industry. Today, more than 77 million people in Europe, India, and the USA introduce themselves as freelancers, close to half these freelancers are on Upwork.com. 

Are you a budding freelancer looking for translator jobs online? Upwork.com provides a perfect opportunity for you to venture out. The site has over 27,000,000 visits per month, making it one of the biggest online hubs. 

You also have the confidence that Upwork.com has a long record of accomplishment and reliability. 

Upwork.com has a supply of jobs that’s much higher than the current demand. For you to stand out, you might need to sharpen your translation skills. While payout timelines are on-demand, you need to pay a service fee of between 5-20% of the bid price per job allocated.

6. Fiverr.com 

Fiverr is one of the few sites where you can access an all-purpose marketplace for all your translator jobs. The best thing about Fiverr is that it has a broad- range of price ranges. This makes it easy for beginners to bid at the lowest rates and still land their maiden jobs. 

The downside of using Fivverr.com is that you might end up undercharging on most of your translator jobs. Whether you’re handling Swiss translation or Russian translation, Fivver.com presents that perfect opportunity to learn the ropes of translation. 

Fiverr has over 36 million visits per month. Most times, these translators can access jobs on the go, given the vast number of clients visiting the site. The site has a rigorous procedure meant to protect both parties from undue liability. 

You Can Now Land Your Translator Jobs in One Click 

The idea of work has evolved significantly over time. Today freelancers are earning and living comfortably without having to work in a physical office. Online translator jobs are among the emerging options that fresh gradates might have when looking to carve a niche in the freelance industry. 

Are you wondering what options you have in your quest to venture online as a remote translator? These six options are amongst the industry’s favorites when considering online translation jobs. 

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