How to Make a Career Change to Improve Your Well-Being

How to Make a Career Change to Improve Your Well-Being

It is rarely easy to make a significant career change. No matter where you are on the employment ladder, taking a step in any direction comes with plenty of its own risks and rewards. Perhaps you have recently started a new career and quickly discovered that it’s not right for you. Perhaps you have been working your way up within a particular sector but are now thinking that it’s time for a change. Whatever your unique circumstances, you can make a career change for the benefit of your overall well-being without putting yourself in professional jeopardy. Here’s how.

Consider What You Want Most from a Job

Reflect upon what have been the hardest parts of your previous jobs and what have been the highlights. If it helps to clarify your memories and thoughts, write a list for each section so you can easily compare. Some of your preferred career features might include:

  • Flexible working hours to spend more time with family.
  • Working with like-minded people and building enjoyable relationships with colleagues.
  • Finding meaning in your work and feeling like you are contributing to the world in some way through your actions.

Work Out the Cost of Your Lifestyle

Knowing how much you tend to spend every month will help you to calculate how much money you need to bring in to sustain your current lifestyle and, therefore, what kind of career change is feasible. If possible, cut back on unnecessary spending that doesn’t negatively impact your general happiness. For example, if you buy yourself a donut every few days as a treat, then you don’t need to force yourself to give this up simply to find a new job that might not pay as well as your current one.

Weigh Up What Sacrifices You Are Willing to Make

How to Make a Career Change to Improve Your Well-Being

It’s not common for someone to work their truly ‘dream job’, but that doesn’t mean you can’t aim high. Think about what you are willing to exchange for different features of a career move. For example, are you happy to sacrifice freedom for stability? Ask yourself what you can and cannot sacrifice before making any sudden career moves.

Try the Freedom of Self-Employment

Self-employment is a great way to continue making money without the pressure of working for someone else. Sometimes, the most oppressive aspect of working for someone else is the lack of choice available to you. When you work for yourself, you can choose your projects and interact with who you want to. You can even work in different places, like Many self-employed people report high levels of personal contentment and positive well-being. Try this method of earning a living and notice how calm it makes you feel.

Rethink Your Priorities

Do you want a job that allows you to earn a lot of money? Perhaps a job that makes a positive difference to the world? Or, maybe a job that you simply love? Write down your priorities for a job and use this to work backward when deciding the direction of your career move.

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