4 Tips For Planning A Theme Party

4 Tips For Planning A Theme Party


4 Tips For Planning A Theme Party

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Theme parties are a great way to celebrate any occasion. Whether you want to toast an anniversary with a nod to your favourite movie, theme your birthday party around your favourite novel, or just throw a party for no reason – other than that you want to throw a party – a theme party is sure to be a great choice. If you are planning a theme party in the near future, here are a few tips to help you along… 

#1 – Choose a recognisable theme 

Any theme can work, but if you want to ensure your guests know what to expect from your do, then choosing a well-known recognisable theme. Themes that reflect modern trends or events are a particularly good choice; a Queen-inspired party to celebrate the release of Bohemian Rhapsody, for example, or a tropical-themed party that makes the most of the summer are instantly-recognisable themes that your guests will immediately understand. 

#2 – Go big on decorations

One of the advantages of selecting an “on trend” theme is that you will likely find it easier to find party supplies and decorations that align with your theme; for example, the release of The Great Gatsby movie led to thousands of Gatsby-inspired parties, so party supply companies quickly rushed to provide decorations that would suit the trend. However your party is themed, going big on decorations is strongly recommended. Decorations help to underscore your theme and help your guests really lean in to the theme itself. 

#3 – Include your food and drink in the theme 

Decorations are a great way of making the most of your theme, but if possible, extend this principle further and include food and drinks in your theme. With food, small touches to basic party food can be helpful – choosing coconut flavoring for cake pops, for example, can help to underline a “tropical” theme without creating too much work. Drinks are even simpler still; whether it’s Queen party drinks to nod to your Bohemian Rhapsody theme or focusing on pineapple-juice-based cocktails with your tropical theme, there’s plenty of options you’ll be able to explore. 

#4 – Send full invitations

If you would usually invite people to a party via social media – as is fairly standard these days – then it might be worth going “old school” to help get your theme party off to a perfect start. Themed invitations can help set the scene and let your guests know exactly what to expect, and they needn’t cost a fortune – you can make your own and choose images that reflect your theme. You can also use the invite to explain if your party will be a costume party or not; most people will presume that it is (and most theme parties are also costume parties that align with the theme) but it’s always helpful to underline this for your guests so they know if they need to start planning their outfit. 

In conclusion

Hopefully, the tips above will help you to create a theme party that lives long in the memory – enjoy! 

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