8 Home Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

8 Home Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Did you know a 2022 study found that over 85% of houses on Long Island are at least 40 years old? These homes are often brimming with history and character but need more care and attention. As a homeowner, your job is to preserve your property’s unique charm. It’s also crucial to ensure it remains safe and snug for you and your family. Upkeep is a never-ending task. It’s about keeping a keen eye on things, acting before problems arise, and fixing issues quickly. When done right, it keeps repair costs down and prevents surprises. With this guide, we’ll arm you with the knowledge you need to keep your cherished home in top-notch condition.

Monthly Home Maintenance Tips:

1.1.         Regular Inspection and Cleaning of Drains:

If you’re a homeowner in Long Island, New York, keeping your home in top-notch condition is likely a priority. Among various maintenance tasks, one that shouldn’t be neglected is the regular inspection and cleaning of your drains. Ignoring this routine can lead to bothersome backups or even costly repairs.

As a homeowner in Long Island, these tasks can become routine with the aid of a trusted Long Island home services company. It’s crucial because, on average, homeowners in Long Island face higher than usual maintenance costs, partially due to the region’s unique geographic and climatic conditions. Regular inspection and cleaning of your drains can save you time, money and the inconvenience of significant repairs.

1.2.          Maintenance of Showerheads and Bathroom Taps:

Your showerheads and bathroom taps work hard to keep you clean and refreshed. But did you know they also need a bit of TLC to stay in top shape? Minerals hiding in your water can latch onto these fixtures, making them less effective and dull. But don’t fret! A simple monthly routine can keep them running smoothly and shining brightly. Mix up a batch of water and vinegar, then give your showerhead and tap a relaxing soak. Follow up with a gentle scrub using an old toothbrush, rinse, and put them back in their place. Voila! Your bathroom fixtures are now sparkling and efficient, ready to serve you another month of refreshing showers and clean hands. Remember, a little love goes a long way in maintaining your bathroom’s best friends.

1.3.         Flushing Toilets/Running Water in Unused Restrooms:

Let’s face it – we all want our bathrooms to smell fresh, right? Yet, those not often used can have a stink problem. But why? Water in the trap dries out, letting unpleasant smells creep in. A simple step in your monthly home care can make a big difference. Just make a habit of flushing those rarely-used toilets. Give the sink a quick run too. It’s as simple as that! This one small step can keep your entire home smelling fresher. Just once a month is all it takes. So, don’t forget your quiet little bathrooms. They need a monthly water run too!

  1. Biannual Home Maintenance Tips 

2.1.         Care for Inverter Batteries:

Nurturing your inverter batteries extends their life and enhances performance. How? Stay vigilant about their hydration! Every six months, mark your calendar to assess their water levels. But remember, only distilled water gets the green light to replenish your battery’s thirst. And while you’re at it, keep a keen eye on the water level markers. It’s crucial not to exceed the maximum limit or drop below the minimum. By following these simple steps, your batteries will thank you with efficient, uninterrupted power. Make your inverter batteries last longer and work better with consistent care and monitoring. Stay tuned for more tips on making your life power-trouble-free!

2.2.         Gardening Upkeep:

A thriving garden boosts the appeal of your home. Make it your mission to tackle those pesky weeds twice a year, brush away any clutter, and conduct a plant health check for signs of diseases or pests. One sustainable solution to ward off insects is to stir some mild liquid soap and water. Use this homemade insecticide to gently mist your plants, preferably during the chillier hours of the day. Remember, each small step is crucial in ensuring your garden’s well-being. Stay committed and watch your garden flourish in beauty and health.

2.3.         Whole-House Dusting:

Every half year, it’s time to wage war on the sneaky dust invaders in your home. This mission, though challenging, brings about a sense of triumph once accomplished. The battlefield? No less than the entire house. Our enemies hide in plain sight, perched high atop fans, nestling in door frames, or basking on windowsills. We can conquer every corner with the right strategy, determination, and a touch of elbow grease. Our reward? A sparkly, dust-free sanctuary where we can breathe easier, live healthier, and feel at home truly. This task might seem daunting, but trust me, a clean and fresh house is a victory worth celebrating!

  1. Annual Home Maintenance Tips 

3.1.         Air Conditioner Filter Cleaning:

Cleaning the air conditioner’s filter is a crucial part of home maintenance. It not only enhances the performance of your AC but also saves energy and minimizes wear. Is your AC filter reusable? It’s good practice to clean it yearly. Simply hold it under running water until no more dirt rinses off if your AC has an auto-clean feature; lucky you! There’s no need for manual cleaning. This straightforward task ensures your air conditioner works at its peak, providing a cool and comfortable environment for you and your family. So, don’t forget – give your AC filter a little attention once a year! It’s worth it.

3.2.         Roof Damage Inspection:

A regular yearly roof check-up works wonders in warding off unwanted issues. Imagine nipping the trouble of leaks, mold, and shaky structures in the bud! Look for signs like cracked surfaces, flaked-off paint, or absent shingles. If you spot major concerns, don’t hesitate. Bring on board a roofing expert! They’ll carefully evaluate the situation and offer the right fix. Remember, a small inspection step today can save you a giant leap of costly repairs tomorrow. Let’s cherish our homes and keep them robust, one roof check at a time. Wouldn’t that make your abode a happier, safer place to live?


Homeownership comes with a fair share of obligations, home maintenance being paramount among them. Although these tasks might initially appear time-consuming, their benefits are bountiful. Your home is a significant investment and deserves your attention and care. A proactive home maintenance approach will help you preserve and enhance your home’s charm, functionality, and value.

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