Home Improvement Projects You Should Complete Before Summer Ends

Home Improvement Projects You Should Complete Before Summer Ends

With the summer season ending soon and the hottest month already behind you, especially for residents of western states like Illinois, it is time to prep your home for the fall and winter seasons. Home improvement projects can vary in terms of value, but they can also differ with respect to functionality in various seasons. 

In 2022, 55% of homeowners in the US renovated their homes to some extent. Typically, summers are considered the ideal time to renovate a home, and trends depict that once the seasons start to change, most improvement projects move outside, focusing on the siding and protecting gutters or drainage systems against damage caused by natural elements. If you live in the suburbs of cities like Chicago, areas like Naperville can witness temperatures as low as 26oF and snowfall in the colder months. This makes it difficult to work outside.

So, what are the home improvement projects to undertake that will prepare the house to withstand the relevant impacts of the season? Well, let’s just take a look at some of the renovations that will be worth the effort and money you spend on them:

1. Bathroom Remodeling 

Some of the most common problems that arise during the fall and winter seasons have one thing or the other to do with the plumbing. In cities like Naperville, water can freeze inside pipes causing clogs and leakages over time. However, a bathroom renovation is not just a seasonal undertaking but one that improves the value of your home along with improving the overall aesthetic. 

It is common to plan, begin and finish bathroom remodels in Naperville before the end of summer because who doesn’t like to enjoy a relaxing, warm shower when the temperature outside is below freezing? You can choose between a minor or a major bathroom renovation depending on your budget and other parameters that you may decide upon. 

2. Update the deck

Before the next summer season, you will have a lot of opportunities to entertain guests or just sit with family on the deck outside your home. So, before that time of the year, it pays to upgrade the space and give it a more modern design. Try adding wood stain or completely upgrading the wood with synthetic or darker variants. 

Besides the decking material, you can also explore options for lighting and the top cover for the deck to make it more spectacular. Pair it with a set of chic seats or couches and a stone fireplace to complete the stunning look that attracts you during every season. Decking can also increase your home’s value; materials like natural wood offer a higher return on investment than others. 

3. Replace the siding of the home

A simple layer of paint is not always sufficient to improve your home’s curb appeal. If the outside of your home needs work, consider putting in or swapping the siding. Fresh siding offers several benefits to homes that take a beating by the weather in cities like Naperville, including improving the energy efficiency of your air conditioning and heating systems by serving as an additional layer of insulation. It also aids in protecting the structure of your home from moisture and the elements.

There are also a wide variety of options when it comes to siding. Although wood siding needs to be painted and stained, it offers a distinctive, lovely appearance that not many other materials can equal. Vinyl and fiber cement are low-maintenance, less-priced siding options that can come in a variety of colors and patterns. Another choice is brick and stone veneers; however, they are typically the most expensive. In terms of pricing, aluminum falls between stone and vinyl.

4. Upgrade your windows

Window replacement and repair is another home improvement project that sometimes becomes necessary. Even when it isn’t, you can get rid of any outdated or drafty windows to give the exterior of your home a fresh, clean, and modern look. For the most modern look, large picture windows are the best since they make the house feel more spacious from the inside and more expensive from the outside. 

One of the main reasons people upgrade their windows is to improve energy efficiency in the house, especially during the winter. Double-glazed windows are the best for this purpose, but some types are designed more for heat loss or heat gain. So, you will have to choose carefully with respect to the type of window you want.

5. Comprehensive maintenance outside the house

While this may not seem like a home improvement project, it can become one if you haven’t paid any attention to the gutters and HVAC units in the house. Most outer units sit without any protection from extreme heat, rain, and snow, which can impact their functionality as well as efficiency. Here’s what you can do:

  • Make sure to get in touch with a professional because cleaning the gutters can involve getting up on the roof. If you try to do this on your own, you can risk harm or injury along with further damage,
  • While fall and winter cause more debris, ice, and other materials to clog gutters, summer and fall can do the same too. Therefore, it is best to get your gutters inspected and cleaned at least twice a year.
  • If you plan to clean the gutters yourself, wait until the debris has dried out and then start from the downspout, collecting all the garbage in a bucket.
  • Ensure you don’t dump all the debris in your yard because that will just make a mess for later.
  • You can also use a pressure washer to clean the gutters and the HVAC unit. Just ensure the pressure is not too much to bend or break any parts.
  • Have a professional repairman thoroughly inspect the HVAC system before you have to use it extensively in the winter and have it replaced in case it has gotten too old or irreparable. 

At times, both the gutter lines and the HVAC system or may be one of these things may need a complete replacement. This will constitute a home improvement project whether you like it or not. 


There are various types of home improvement projects that you can undertake before the summer season ends. The task that you actually take up will depend on the kind of budget that you have and personal design preferences too. However, some projects are more important than others, like the inspection of plumbing, gutters, and HVAC systems. Get these done while it’s warm and comfy outside.

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