8 Reasons To Consider Leaving Florida

8 Reasons To Consider Leaving Florida

Florida’s unique charm manifests in the form of some of the country’s most iconic beaches. The low state tax rates and abundance of summer vacation spots make it one of the most popular states to live in. 

But residents are gradually realizing that the Sunshine State isn’t the haven they’d imagined it to be. For instance, if you’re living in West Palm Beach, you’ll notice that the city is 4.4% costlier than the national average. The same goes for much or less most Floridian residential areas.

As for tenants, West Palm Beach apartments cost between $2,100 and $3,400 a month, which is much higher than what American apartments cost on average. That said, here are some reasons why living in Florida has become a nightmare for middle-class people and why they’re moving out of the state:

1. Overpopulation and crowded streets

If you think Florida isn’t overpopulated, think again! Millions of tourists flock here to relax on its picturesque beaches. In 2022 alone, some 137 million people visited Florida, causing severe traffic jams in urban areas, which makes commuting a frustrating endeavor during rush hours and peak travel seasons.

Then there are migrators, i.e., people moving to West Palm Beach and similar urban centers from other places. A survey shows that WBP’s growth rate has remained at 0.09% since 2021, which is high considering the population density. For these reasons, locals are considering packing their stuff and leaving Florida with the help of a reliable West Palm Beach moving company and relocating to the midland.

2. Summers are hot, humid, and sweaty

There’s a reason why Florida is called the Sunshine State, i.e., it’s eerily blessed by the Sun. If you think it’s always sunny in Philadelphia, Florida is even sunnier. It can easily get hot, humid, and sticky in the summer with frequent thunderstorms. The average summer temperature doesn’t fall below 80 F, and the humidity is almost always above 74%.

High humidity results in mold and mildew developing in homes. High maintenance costs and high energy bills reflect the reality of Florida’s increasing problem of unaffordability.

3. Limited job opportunities 

Even though Floridians claim there’s a job surge in the state, many residents find it difficult to get a decent job. Unemployment has remained a major hurdle to the Sunshine State’s progress, and it still stands at a meager 2.6%, indicating an abysmal future for those still living in Florida.

Job opportunities may be limited in certain industries outside of tourism, hospitality, and healthcare. If you wish to land a gig in specialized fields, you’ll have to jump through many hoops and struggle to find work. South Dakota, surprisingly, is doing better than all US states in this regard.

4. It’s not as affordable as advertised

Living in Florida can burn a hole in your wallet very quickly. Some experts describe Miami as the most expensive city in the US. The cost of living in the Sunshine State is higher than the national average, so many Floridians are relocating to cheaper states in the country.

However, there’s a silver lining to Florida being so expensive, i.e., you can sell your expensive property and buy a cheaper house elsewhere. As real estate prices continue to skyrocket in Florida, you can easily make a profit when selling your house. This way, you can purchase a house in a more affordable state to resume your life successfully.

5. Hurricanes and other natural disasters

Florida experiences a hurricane season every year that starts in June and lasts till November. As the tropics are more active in summer and autumn, Floridians find themselves dealing with tornadoes, cyclones, and hurricanes. Last year alone, 140+ people in Florida died in Hurricane Ian. Some parts of the state also experienced wildfires, landslides, and minor earthquakes.

These reasons are scary enough to drive anyone out of Florida. Besides, the property damage contributes to higher living costs, which is now forcing locals to move out of the state.

6. Dangerous animal encounters

Florida has always been the meme culture’s favorite punching bag. The famous “Florida Man” meme lampoons the irrational behavior of many Floridian criminals. But this satire has some basis in reality. Florida is home to many dangerous creatures, such as insects and alligators. You can find alligators in any body of freshwater in Florida. Snakes, iguanas, and large birds are curious sights for tourists but a problem for locals. Dealing with these wild creatures is a constant challenge.

Floridian scientists also find new mosquito species in West Palm Beach and other cities. It’s a major reason to consider migrating to another state before 2024.

7. Sinkholes

Another reason why Florida has become a nightmare for residents is sinkholes. These massive gaps can open up in the ground seemingly out of nowhere and swallow vehicles and even houses. These holes appear in areas where water from rainfall softens the bedrock beneath the surface.

These sudden collapses are common in the Sunshine State because of the Floridian aquifer system. This geological phenomenon causes safety concerns among residents and property damage too.

8. Crime 

No matter what Gov. Ron DeSantis claims, Florida suffers from a crime pandemic that doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Data shows that one property crime occurs every 47 seconds, and a violent crime occurs every 9 seconds. If you’re living in Lake City, West Palm Beach, and any other metropolitan area, it makes you an easy target for violent criminals trying to steal stuff from you. 

Experts describe West Palm Beach as Florida’s most dangerous city. Your probability of becoming a victim is 1 out of 26 in WBP, which should be a major reason for you to consider moving out of Florida.


This blog explains why many people are leaving Florida despite the stunning beaches, rich culture, and ample entertainment. Sinkholes, alligators, mosquitoes, tornadoes, and traffic jams. It’s becoming less affordable for middle-class Americans who’d rather pack their stuff and move to another state. If you’re not feeling the vibe anymore, consider your options for relocating and starting a new life elsewhere.

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