Transforming Your Home with Bathroom Improvements: Ideas and Tips

Transforming Your Home with Bathroom Improvements Ideas and Tips

Every homeowner aspires to transform their house and live in their dream home. However, not many are able to do so often due to financial constraints and the complexities of home remodeling. Fortunately, transforming your home doesn’t always involve expensive remodeling projects and complicated structural changes. You can start small and enhance your home’s functionality and visual appeal by simply improving the bathroom. It’s true that bathrooms are a small part of a house. But they are one of the most important areas, and a good bathroom is essential to a functional and comfortable home. So, if you aspire to live in your dream home in Tulsa, start by improving your bathroom. However, it’s essential to integrate the right designs and improvement ideas for the best outcome. So, to help you with this purpose, here are some ideas and tips you will find useful for transforming your home with bathroom improvements.

Upgrade bathroom fixtures

Bathroom fixtures include features such as bathtubs, faucets, and toilets, and they are the most important parts of any bathroom. So, if you want a proper bathroom improvement, start by upgrading its fixtures. Not only do upgraded fixtures add to the visual appeal of your bathroom, but they also improve its core functionality. Considering current trends, it’s a good idea to add wall-mounted bathtubs, toilets, and wash basins. By removing items off the floor, wall-mounted fixtures make bathrooms appear spacious, clean, and elegant. It will also be easier to clean the bathroom with fewer crevices and hard-to-reach areas. 

Along with bathtubs and toilets, it’s equally important to focus on faucet fixtures. In particular, you must replace and upgrade the shower. But it’s never a good idea to perform this task on your own. Replacing plumbing fixtures can be incredibly complicated, and doing so without technical expertise can cause harm to you and ruin the equipment. So, you can take assistance from the many professional services in Tulsa. Make sure to get a proper Tulsa shower replacement and create the perfect bathroom.

Add vertical storage

Without enough storage options, bathrooms can become frustrating to use. After all, no one likes to be greeted by cluttered countertops or come out of a warm shower only to take out towels back from their rooms. As a result, storage is a main component of any functional bathroom, and it’s crucial to enhance storage options for improvement. For this purpose, adding vertical storage to your bathroom is a good idea. Similar to wall-mounted fixtures, vertical storage reduces stuff on the floor and creates a spacious look.

Furthermore, compared to other storage options, vertical storage allows you to easily access items as it is located at a comfortable height. Wall-mounted cabinets are a good way to add vertical storage to your bathroom. They can sometimes serve as a place to keep bathroom essentials such as extra towels or even clothes. Additionally, you can also create medicine cabinets using wall-mounted storage. Along with cabinets, shelves are another way to add vertical storage and improve the functionality of your bathroom.

Focus on lighting

Dimly lit bathrooms appear dull, unwelcoming, and even congested at times. Not to mention, it’s quite hard to inspect yourself in the mirror when there’s a lack of light or a poor combination of lights. So, if you want to improve your bathroom effectively, focusing on its lighting is essential. Simple changes in your bathroom’s lighting can go a long way in enhancing its visual appeal and functionality. Adding natural light is one of the best ways to improve bathroom lighting. 

Unlike artificial lights, natural light does not accompany energy expenses. But more importantly, it makes your bathroom appear inviting, bright, and airy. Hence, you will feel more comfortable in a naturally lit bathroom than one lit by artificial lights. To add natural light to your bathroom, add windows near areas that provide the most sunlight. Having a window close to the mirror is always a good idea to view yourself clearly in natural light. Alongside windows, you can also create a skylight that will illuminate the entire bathroom with natural light. Alternatively, a tubular skylight can also be used for bathrooms that do not support the conventional method.

Improve airflow

No one wants to use a damp bathroom with an unpleasant odor. Such bathrooms can be incredibly uncomfortable to use and cause several health issues. Additionally, bathrooms with a high moisture content can destroy walls and flooring, leading to mold build-up and a significant reduction in visual appeal. However, you can avoid these issues by improving your bathroom through better airflow and ventilation. Doing so will allow stagnant and stale air to be replaced with fresh air, removing any odors and excessive moisture.

Adding windows is a good idea to improve the airflow in your bathrooms. They allow fresh air to enter your bathrooms and ventilate the area naturally. But windows can’t always be left open, especially during the winter. For this reason, it’s equally important to have an exhaust fan in your bathroom to let air out when the windows are shut. You can also add vents into your bathroom that connect with the home’s central ventilation system.

Change the floor

A good bathroom comes with a comfortable and visually appealing floor. Hence, changing the floor is another great way to improve your bathroom and transform your house. But to select the right floor, you must keep durability in mind. You don’t want to waste your money on a floor that can’t withstand moisture and wears out in just a few months of use. Another aspect of a good bathroom floor is its safety. Bathrooms are where 80% of falls occur at home. So, when choosing a floor for your bathroom, find one that provides a safe grip to reduce the chances of falls. 

Lastly, you need to consider the aesthetics of the floor you select. For this purpose, select a floor color that complements the theme of your bathroom. Typically, white or off-white colors are best suited as they go well with most themes and make your bathroom appear spacious. If you are not constrained by a budget, you can also use a heated floor to improve the functionality of your bathroom.


A bathroom is an integral part of every house. No matter how well you design your home, your home will be incomplete without a comfortable and functional bathroom. So, simply improving your bathroom can go a long way in transforming your home. While it may seem daunting to improve your bathroom successfully, the tips and ideas mentioned above will help you significantly.

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