The bond between humans and dogs has been fascinating behavioral scientists for a long time. We consider them family members and do everything we can for their well-being. The relationship we formed with our canine friends is still a puzzle in many ways. Until the dog translation device is not perfected to help us communicate more clearly, we’ll have to rely on affection.

Dogs have proven their love for us on numerous occasions. You’ve probably read the stories where dogs saved their owners from serious injury and even death. For example, a golden retriever Brutis saved a child’s life by capturing a coral snake that was about to bite him. Shana, a half-German shepherd/half-wolf dog, saved an elderly couple trapped in the snowstorm by digging a hole and pulling them out.

These and many other stories show the dogs’ heroic nature in life-threatening situations. Some even risked their lives, like taking a bullet or severe beating to protect their human. Unfortunately, there are those who didn’t survive their bravery but are remembered as dedicated heroes.

Scientists also found that the hormone oxytocin is an essential part of the human-dog bond. Also referred to as the “love hormone”, oxytocin is responsible for feeling satisfied. Scientists found that after interaction between dogs and their owners, both subjects showed elevated levels of oxytocin. This not only proves that humans and dogs are happier when together, but also that they make each other feel special.

Moreover, here are some ways in which the owners show their appreciation and love. 

9 Easy Ways To Make Your Dog Feel Special

  • Walks

Taking your dog for a walk is not only a physical exercise. Just like us, they need to go out and experience the world. Usually, on the walks, they would meet other people and dogs. Just like we need to socialize to stay mentally healthy, so do dogs. It’s a great way for a dog to run and play with others of its kind. Even if you play fetch with them with a branch, tennis ball, or Frisbee, they’ll consider it fun.

Additionally, your dog will burn some energy and even you will feel better after the walk.     

  • Play

Dogs will use every opportunity they can to play. Even the older dogs will bring you their favorite toy hopping that you will throw it to them. Even if you have a busy schedule, you can find at least half an hour a day to play with your pet. If you’re in good physical condition or want to be, play a game of chase with them. The dog will love it and you will feel great, too.

  • Be consistent

Dogs need rules and boundaries, just like humans do, in order to function normally. Make sure you teach your dog from the start what is acceptable and what isn’t. If you don’t communicate clearly with your dog, they will feel confused and unhappy. So be consistent with your training them and make sure they know they did something wrong the moment it happened. Failing to set these boundaries properly will create problems for your relationship since dogs will always feel punished due to your frustration.

  • Praise

Praise is very important. It will tell your dog when they did something good. It includes verbal and physical praise like petting, hugging, and even kissing. You can praise your dog for everything you find satisfactory and positive behavior. Even the one outside training no matter how small they appear. They can sense the pride in your voice and that they did something you approve of. Petting and praising them makes them feel secure and loved.

  • Rotate toys

Dogs get bored with toys so don’t be surprised if you notice a lot of them just lying around. This doesn’t mean you need to buy new ones until you found the ones they like since they never will. Instead, try this strategy: put all the toys somewhere they won’t find them but leave only one. Exchange that toy for the other old one the moment you notice them getting bored. And continue doing so until you really don’t need to buy them new toys.

  • Use treats

Treats are the most common way to award your dog for good behavior. They’re used in training, and you continue to use them in the future. If there’s anything dogs love, that’s the food and treats that are specifically designed to be appealing to them. However, try not to overdo it. Some owners make mistakes and give dogs a treat to stop bothering them while working or for no apparent reason. The dog will use this strategy in the future to have more treats and it can confuse their training.

  • Train your dog

There is a lot of online articles and videos on how to train your dog obedience. You can even hire a professional trainer to do it for you. However, the fact remains that an untrained dog is not going to be a happy dog. Obedience is very important since it teaches them boundaries that will keep you both happy. Dogs react positively to training since that’s how they’ll make themselves and their owners happy.  

  • Maintain the healthy weight

Dogs easily gain weight. They love to eat and will probably eat a whole bag of kibble if you let them. This is why you should respect the daily intake recommended by the food manufacturer or veterinarian. With controlled weight, your dog will happier because they can move and don’t feel uncomfortable. Overweight dogs have problems paying and an increased risk of serious medical conditions.  

  • Keep them hydrated

Always have a bowl of freshwater for your dog. If you’re going to be away for a longer time, then use auto-fill water bowls. As Hoselink experts explain: “It utilizes a float mechanism hidden away from your pet at the back of the bowl that automatically refills every time your loved one takes a drink and has a rubber grip base so it is sturdy enough not to move about when being used.”

You can also attach a PET bottle filled with water as an indoor solution. There are different shapes and sizes which are appropriate even for larger breeds.


A happy owner means a happy dog and the other way around. The human-dog bond is rewarding for both parties and it’s impossible to imagine our existence without it. They show their care for us by bringing us gifts like bugs or someone’s shoes. Additionally, we also show our love for them by taking proper care of them and giving them a healthy life.