How To Help Your New Dog Feel Happy In Their New Home

How To Help Your New Dog Feel Happy In Their New Home

Getting a new dog is a joyful time, but it also involves a period of adjustment on both sides. Your dog probably enjoys having a schedule just as much as humans do, so maintaining one for the first few weeks in their new home will be vital in helping your dog acclimate to their new environment.

Whether you just got a new puppy or adopted an older dog, you can expect it to take them at least a few days to settle in, but the following tips will help make that transition a bit easier on your dog – and you. 

Take it slow

Taking things easy for the first few days will make it easier for your dog to acclimatize to his new surroundings in your home. It will be beneficial for him to have some peaceful time alone with him to get to know his new family and surroundings. Permit him to go at his own pace as he explores the house and yard.

Some dogs require more time than others to become accustomed to new environments, which can tax their energy levels. If you got your dog from a shelter, keep in mind that he just came from a chaotic and stressful environment; the peace and comfort of your home is probably the first place in a while that he is been able to get a good night’s sleep.

Remember that not all dogs quickly form a bond with their new owners, and try not to take it personally. Because they are in an entirely new setting and getting used to a wide variety of new sights, smells, and noises, it may take some time for them to settle down enough to pay attention to you and understand that this is their new home. Because this can be an anxious period for your new dog, you should want to think about the dog’s comfort and maintain a relaxed and optimistic attitude.

Give them space

If you want to help make your new puppy feel more at ease, one thing you can do is give him his very own cosy bed or a secure hiding place where he can go to relax when he is feeling overstimulated or exhausted. Because of all of the anxiety associated with being in an entirely new setting, some dogs require an occasional and occasional little bit of more time to settle off.

If your new pet is not in the mood to be petted or played with, you may give him something to do on his own by giving him a food dispensing toy. It is an easy approach to create trust, and if your dog is feeling apprehensive in his new environment, he may appreciate receiving a lovely treat on his own, especially if it is something he enjoys.

In unfamiliar environments, dogs could experience a loss of appetite.

How To Help Your New Dog Feel Happy In Their New Home

Dogs may have a loss of appetite as a result of the anxiety caused by being moved to a new location. If you have acquired a timid dog, it is possible that it will take them several days before they feel secure enough to eat a regular meal. A dog’s refusal to eat might also be brought on by a change in their diet or the food that they eat. Your dog will not starve to death on his own, and as long as he is in good health, he will figure out how to adjust to his new diet.

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