Essential Dog Hiking Gear To Backpack With Your Pet

Essential Dog Hiking Gear To Backpack With Your Pet

As a pet parent, taking your pup for a walk around the neighborhood every couple of days is probably already a part of your routine. But if you’re looking for other fun activities to enjoy with your pet, you could consider hiking. Not only will you be indulging in the many benefits of spending time in nature and bonding with your pet, but you will also reap the health and wellness benefits of exercise. 

Nevertheless, you must invest in essential hiking gear for yourself and your furry adventure companion. Here’s what you will need to backpack with your pet.

A Quality Harness And A Hands-Free Leash

A waist leash and a quality harness can make keeping your pup nearby easier than ever before. Because you won’t need to hold the leash, you will have more control when it comes to guiding your dog along the rugged terrain. 

A Dog Backpack

Dog backpacks are designed to carry food and a few other supplies your pup may need for the adventure. When shopping around for the best dog backpack, comfort and support are key elements to prioritize. Moreover, the right backpack will only allow enough space for your dog to carry a fraction of their body weight in food and other essential supplies. 

Paw Protection

Essential Dog Hiking Gear To Backpack With Your Pet

Even though your dog doesn’t need to wear shoes every day, the rugged terrain of hiking trails can be harsh on your pup’s paw pads. When hiking in hotter temperatures, rocks and gravel may become hot enough to burn your dogs’ paws. At the same time, cuts and scrapes are also a concern. Dog rain boots are a great choice to ensure your pet can comfortably hike with you. 

Field Dog First Aid Kit

You’ll need to pack a first aid kit for yourself, and you should add a few items in for your dog as well. However, you can also opt for a canine-specific first aid kit and tweak it to add human-specific first aid supplies for yourself. 

A Collapsible Dog Bowl

Letting your dog drink from any body of water while hiking is not the best idea because the water could be contaminated. So, carrying clean drinking water for yourself and your pup is important. But because your dog can’t drink from a bottle, you must pack a lightweight, collapsible dog bowl. 

Dog Collar With GPS Tracking

Essential Dog Hiking Gear To Backpack With Your Pet

Irrespective of how well-trained your dog is or the quality of the leash and harness, it’s always best to take as many extra precautions as possible. Losing your pet on a hike will undoubtedly be devastating. Fortunately, investing in a dog collar with GPS tracking can eliminate the chances of losing your pet altogether. 

An Airtight Kibble Container

Of course, you will need to pack in some kibble and a few treats for your dog. But instead of chucking some kibble into a sandwich bag, get an airtight container to keep the kibble and snacks fresh. 

A Reflective Dog Vest Or Collar

If you will be hiking in the evening or camping during your outdoor adventure, it makes sense to pack a reflective vest or a glow-in-the-dark collar for your dog. Otherwise, tracking your pet in the dark might be challenging. With this, there is no real need to invest in expensive reflective dog apparel; you can purchase a strip of reflective tape and attach it to your dog’s harness or fashion a DIY reflective collar.

Tick And Flea Protection

Essential Dog Hiking Gear To Backpack With Your Pet

While you are out and about in nature with your dog, ticks and fleas can jump onto your pup’s coat without you knowing. You might only notice your pet frantically scratching after they’ve carried ticks and fleas back home. 

Fortunately, there’s an assortment of effective tick and flea-repellent products to choose from. You could consider a convenient tick and flea collar or topical repellent solutions like tea tree formulations. 

Canine Sun Protection

While canine sun hats and goggles are an option, your dog probably won’t enjoy walking with these awkward accessories. Instead of hoping your pet will develop a love for hats, you can apply regular sunscreen to your pet’s coat or find a canine-specific sun protection product that’s a bit more suitable for fur coats. 

Hiking with your dog is a great way to get exercise, spend time in nature, and break away from the everyday bustle of city living. But it’s crucial to invest in the essential gear your pup will need to navigate the wilderness safely and comfortably with you.

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