Bearded Dragons Make Great Reptile Beginner Pets

Bearded Dragons Make Great Reptile Beginner Pets

If you’re thinking about starting a reptile hobby, a baby bearded dragon is a great choice to start with. Not only are they cute, but they make a great dog alternative if a dog isn’t an option. They’re one of the easiest pets to maintain. Plus in my experience, they make really good pets for kids too. They’re a lot easier to maintain than my turtles. Buying bearded dragons from an early age and putting in the time to care for them, including lots of petting, will yield wonderful results. I’ve said this before and at the risk of saying it again, you should never ever buy a pet on a whim so be sure you have the time to care for your new bearded dragon before you commit.

If you travel a lot you’ll want to check around to make sure you can find a pet sitter in your area (or all the better if you know someone personally) who doesn’t mind feeding your bearded dragon, live food. That’s definitely not something everyone can do. Of course, if it’s feasible, you could take your bearded dragon with you. My sister has been known to travel with her without any problems. She just keeps him in a Rubbermaid tub with a rock for basking & a UVB light. He’s big enough now that she can safely put sand in his tub when they travel, without fear he’ll mistakenly eat it. She holds him when she’s out and about or lets him have the run of the place with his leash the rest of the time. I do not recommend letting them roam around in your car unless you are prepared to clean up dragon poo. It’s not a pretty sight.

Bearded Dragons Make Great Reptile Beginner Pets

You’ll also want to consider your bearded dragon’s housing before you commit to owning one. If you’re handy, you could probably build something incredible. And then there’s the rest of us, the not so handy crowd. A nice 55 or 75-gallon aquarium will give your new beardy plenty of room to grow and thrive. But please don’t keep it in its home all the time. Buy a leash and take him outdoors with you or if it’s a baby or really tame, put a rock outside and let it sit and bask. Keeping him with you as much as you can help you form a lasting friendship.

Bearded Dragons Make Great Reptile Beginner Pets


  1. A lot of my cousins has bearded dragons and iguanas as pets.

  2. I would have never thought of having one of these for a pet. But I’m more of a furry animal fan. 🙂

  3. I know my friends had some iguanas as pets. They looked cool but unfortunately there were some issues. The bearded dragon does look cool though.

  4. Awe I used to have one when I was a kid. His name was Spike and he was a fun and easy pet!

  5. I had no clue. Just a couple weeks ago we were at a museum where they showcases reptiles that can be pets. Seems like I probably missed seeing these guys there.

  6. Oh wow I dont know if I’d have one as a pet, but they really are amazing creatures. They really do look like amazing miniature dragons.

  7. I would’ve never thought to think of Bearded Dragons as reptile pets for beginners. They’re so cute!

  8. These are so neat! I have considered getting a bearded dragon several times but have never taken the plunge. You are making it easier to decide to get one though!

  9. Reptiles are my less favorite pets. I really don’t think that I could get into them, but your post is great.

  10. I don’t really care for reptiles but he’s a cutee! My kids are begging for some kind of pet… This may be a good option for our first pet!

  11. Believe it or not, my dad had a bearded dragon when I was younger. That thing went with us EVERYWHERE. He used to sit on my dad’s shoulder like a bird lol.

  12. I would have one as a pet just to feel somewhat like Khaleesi out of game of thrones! I haven’t ever seen one in real life but a dragon is a dragon nonetheless!

  13. I’ve always wondered about reptile pets and whether they’re easy pets to care for. Interesting to read that bearded dragons make great pets for those starting out.

  14. I have never had a reptile pet before, but if I do, it would be this one! This animal looks so cool – I mean, I wouldn’t cuddle with it – but it looks like a wonderful companion, and a great listener =) 💕 Xo, Evelyn, 🦋

  15. My husband would like this reptile as a pet. We have a cat, so I’m not letting him buy one. I do like the way this one looks like. Maybe one day I will let him get one.

  16. Such an adorable and interesting pet. So cute.

  17. Hmmm, I’m not so sure I’m the reptile pet type. I like my pets furry! lol

  18. I have a friend who has one and posts some adorable photos! I have to admit I’ve never thought about keeping reptiles, but perhaps one day I’ll make the step.

  19. Oh my gosh! Those are really cool animals. My kids would love one!

  20. They look cute. But I am not ready to have one as a pet 😉

  21. They are pretty cute! I’m not sure if we’ll ever get one or not. We have two cats who might not like the idea.

  22. These have always been something I have wanted. They are so awesome looking!

  23. Awww…He is so darn cute! On our last trip to Cancun, we saw so many iguanas and took a lot of pics of them, too! They are much darker (blackish/gray) to match the color of the Mayan ruins. I would love to have one as a pet!

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