It’s the most romantic feeling in the world! When someone you love drops down to one knee and presents you with an exquisite diamond ring, and asks you to be with them for the rest of your life. Nothing makes you feel more loved or more wanted than this beautiful, solemn gesture of commitment. But while you may not realize it at the time, a chain of events has already been set in motion. A chain of events that will have a beautiful outcome, but a great many ups and downs along the way. Before you stand in front of one another and say your “I do”s, you can bet that tears will be shed, the money will be spent and the story of your engagement will be told hundreds of times in hundreds of different ways. 

6 Things To Do As Soon As You Get Engaged

Image by Trevoy Kelly Photography via Pixabay 

With that in mind, it’s a good idea to be proactive and get a head start. Here we’ll look at some of the things you should do as soon as you get engaged…

Tell both sets of parents

Your parents should be the first to know. Indeed, if your SO has already asked for your parent’s permission, they may already know, but they’ll want to hear it from you. Every parent lives to see their child happy and in a committed relationship. So breaking the news to them should be one of your highest priorities. This website has some cool, creative ways in which you can pass on the good news to your parents. 

Talk about an ideal date

There’s really no such thing as a bad time to get married. That said, it’s definitely worth talking about the best month to get married, as you and your beau may have different ideas. June has always been a popular month, although September and October are more affordable alternatives which are increasing in popularity.

Insure the ring

Your engagement ring is a unique and beautiful symbol of your love, and while it can never be replaced, you should take steps to protect yourself from serious expense if your ring should get lost or damaged. When you have spent months and months researching the best moissanite engagement rings near me, the last thing you want to happen is for it to get lost, be ruined, or be eaten up by a garbage disposal because it didn’t fit you properly. Insurance is vital, and you have to ensure that you have insured your engagement ring. Don’t assume that your engagement ring will be covered under your home insurance. You’ll need a separate policy to protect it wherever you go.

Get a manicure

As well as retelling the story of the proposal a lot, you’ll also need to get used to showing off the ring. So make sure your hands provide the perfect backdrop for it. Treat yourself to a manicure before you start flashing your ring on social media or showing it off to your friends. 

Set a realistic budget

This may take a while, but it’s important to establish a realistic budget early on and ensure that you stick to it throughout the planning process. As tempting as it may be to overspend, this can mire you in debt which will prevent your early years of marriage from being as joyous as they should be.  

Look into hiring a wedding planner

Finally, you may be loathed to take on the expense of a wedding planner. However, not only can they make planning your wedding much easier and less stressful, they may actually save you more than they cost because they have great relationships with all kinds of vendors and venues. It’s definitely worth getting in touch with a few to see how they’ll earn their pay.