A Man’s Style Guide: What to Wear to a Wedding

A Man’s Style Guide: What to Wear to a Wedding

Every man will want to dress sharp for a wedding. Once you receive an invitation, you will want to find a look that will make you appear both sleek and stylish on the big day.

However, the right wedding guest look is all about balance, as you won’t want to don an over-the-top style that draws attention away from the bride and groom.

To ensure you develop a look that makes you feel cool and smart, check out the following tips on what to wear to a wedding.

Review the Dress Code

Always review a wedding invitation before you pick a suit style to wear to a wedding, as there could be a dress code you’ll need to adhere to on the big day. For example, the bride and groom might specify the following dress codes:

    • Black tie (Tuxedo)
    • Semi-Formal (A two- or three-piece dark suit)
    • Cocktail dress (A two-piece suit in a slim, sharp cut)
    • Beach wedding (A cotton or linen suit with no shoulder pads or lining)
    • Smart-Casual (A colorful, relaxed, tailored suit)

If the bride and groom haven’t specified a dress code in an invitation, use your judgment regarding the destination and ceremony venue. Also, make sure you wear the appropriate footwear. You can browse mens wedding shoes online. Remember, it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed at a wedding

A Tailored Suit

Nothing can ruin your look quite like an oversized jacket or baggy trousers. To create a stylish, polished look, invest in a tailored suit that will ensure you look great on the wedding photographs. To find the perfect design, fabric and cut for you, learn more about made to measure suits in London.

Select the Right Neckwear

It’s a tradition for male wedding guests to wear some form of neckwear. A necktie from sites like this is often the best option, as it can appear smart and sophisticated. Unless you’re attending a black-tie event, avoid wearing a bow tie, which can appear bold and flashy and could potentially upstage the groom.

Avoid a Monochrome Style

Unless you have your heart set on it, you must avoid wearing a monochrome style, such as a black suit with a black shirt and a black tie, which will make you appear more like an undertaker than a wedding guest. Always select a contrast of colors when picking a suit, such as a white dress shirt with a grey, light blue or navy suit.

Consider the Season

It is, of course, important to consider the season when selecting a suit to wear for an upcoming wedding. For example, if you’re attending a spring or summer wedding, select a lightweight fabric in a light color. However, if the bride and groom have invited you to a winter, fall or evening wedding, select a heavy fabric with a darker color. If in doubt, talk to your tailor to find a fabric and design that will be perfect for the big day.

By following the above top tips, you’re sure to look sleek and sharp when attending a loved one’s wedding.

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