A Guide to Making Your Baby Routine a Success

A Guide to Making Your Baby Routine a Success

Having a newborn is not a walk in the park, especially for first-time moms. Newborns are experiencing the world for the first time after developing in the womb for up to forty weeks. Creating a baby routine will make the parenting journey a lot easier and allow you to bond with your child. The following tips will help you make your baby routine a success.

Expect disruptions during growth spurts

Growth spurts are moments in your child’s life where they attain different milestones typically experienced at six weeks, three months, and six months old. You might notice a change in their sleeping and feeding patterns, meaning growth spurts will momentarily disrupt your routine. Do not be surprised when your child is hungrier than usual or sleeps for longer hours.

Teach your baby the difference between day and night

Babies have a hard time differentiating day and night. However, you can help them know the difference by slipping on their pajamas a few hours before bedtime. You could also try spending some quiet time in a dimmed room with little or no noise. During the day, keep your baby occupied by allowing them to play and keeping them in a noisy environment.

Understand what your baby’s needs

Read into your baby’s cues by taking note of sudden changes in their behavior. Sometimes, they might be fussy because they need a diaper change or they are hungry. Understanding what your baby needs will make parenthood much more manageable.

Establish a predictable bedtime routine

Introduce a bedtime routine early on so that your baby can get used to sleeping at a particular time. Putting your baby down can be challenging, especially during the first few months, but it gets easier as time progresses. It is important to give them what makes your baby comfy. For example, you can give the baby a warm bath, a relaxing massage with baby oil, or baby eczema lotion tailored for soft skin. You can then engage them with soft songs to soothe them to sleep during the day. Make sure the beddings are also comfy.

Prioritize your child’s routine

Contrary to popular belief, having your baby work around your schedule might do more harm than good. Please put your child’s routine before yours so that they will get used to a schedule early on. Do not be afraid to ask for help from friends and relatives whenever you need it.

Expect a few minor setbacks

Expecting perfection when creating your baby routine is a sure way to get frustrated. Go with whatever works, and do not panic when your child falls asleep before their designated nap time. Just be calm and go with the flow.

Create a feeding schedule

Your child will be able to stay longer between meals the older they grow. Set predictable feeding times during the day and ensure the meals are well spaced out. If you intend to reduce night feeds, ensure you give your child heavier meals during the day. Sit down together as a family to ensure your baby develops healthy eating habits.

Wrapping up

It is okay to feel overwhelmed as a new parent. Even parents with several children are not off the hook as each child is unique in their way. An effective routine can help reduce the feelings of tension and being overwhelmed and will ensure you enjoy the process of parenthood. We hope our tips will help you establish a nice routine for the overall well-being of your baby.

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