Are You Overlooking These Big Garden Safety Hazards?

Are You Overlooking These Big Garden Safety Hazards?

You probably don’t think of your garden as a particularly dangerous place. But if you have kids playing out there or you are inviting guests over for a party, you need to think about any potential dangers. There are a lot of hazards that people don’t even think about, and somebody ends up getting hurt because precautions are not taken. These are some of the big garden hazards that you need to take care of.

Dangerous Plants

There are some pretty common plants and flowers that can be dangerous to your kids and pets. Most people know not to let their children eat anything they find growing in the wild, but often these same parents don’t realize that they have harmful plants in the garden in the first place. Check your garden for any dangerous plants and remove them if you want your outdoor space to be kid-friendly.

Falling Branches

You might have a tree or bush that is shedding its leaves and it seems like your garden is full of falling branches and twigs. While the sight of all that residue on the ground looks like a mess, you really need to keep an eye out for any branches that are hanging too low. If a large branch falls on somebody, it could seriously injure them. So, when branches look like they are starting to droop, call in a tree trimming service to cut them back for you. Regular pruning will also help the tree stay healthy and keep branches away from the home, so they can’t be used as an entryway for pests.

BBQs and Fire Pits

A lot of people like to entertain in their yard, and that means cooking out or having a fire for warmth. These are both great ways to get the family together, but you need to be careful since these activities will increase the risk of fire. If you don’t know how to build a proper fire pit, get some instruction on this before using one. Additionally, make sure there is nothing nearby that could catch fire. Keep your grass short to reduce the amount of fuel available for an accidental blaze. Once you have finished using the BBQ or fire pit, make sure that it’s out of the way and everybody knows it’s still hot, so they don’t accidentally touch it.

Water Features and Ponds

Are You Overlooking These Big Garden Safety Hazards

If you have a water feature in your yard, it’s probably very pretty and relaxing to listen to. However, this type of garden decoration can be dangerous. You should keep children and pets away from any pond, fountain, or pool. Make sure that young kids are always supervised, and if you do have a pool area, make sure that it is kept dry so it’s not a slip hazard. Even a very shallow pond or water feature carries the risk of drowning, so make sure you take safety seriously. 

If you want your garden to be a safe space to enjoy, you need to tackle these common hazards right away, before they become a health risk. 

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