Beginners Guide to Food Journaling (Printable)

Beginners Guide to Food Journaling (Printable)

Did you know that American’s who keep a continuous log of their daily diet habits are 2 times more likely to lose weight than those who don’t? By simply tracking a few notes about the things you’re eating throughout the day in a food journal, you can be more mindful about what you’re putting in your body, and understand what needs to change to reach your diet and weight loss goals. 

Beginners Guide to Food Journaling (Printable)

To fill out a food journal, simply log the following items on the printable provided. Make sure to keep this somewhere you’re likely to see it, like on your kitchen cabinets or refrigerator. 

  • Day and time of consumption
  • The food or drink
  • How much (oz, lbs, tsp)
  • The place you ate or drank
  • How you felt (before and after)
  • If it was a meal or a snack

It’s important to write down the information as soon as you finish eating or drinking something. The longer you wait to log it, the more likely you are to leave important details out. Once you’ve journaled for a few weeks, you can look back at your data and start notice trends in your habits. Over snacking, skipping meals, too many carbs, etc. Self-awareness is the first step to living a mindful and healthy life. 

Beginners Guide to Food Journaling (Printable)

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