5 Family Room Ideas You’ll Absolutely Love (+ Movie Night Bingo Printables!)

5 Family Room Ideas You’ll Absolutely Love (+ Movie Night Bingo Printables!)

When it comes to relaxing and unwinding for the day, the family room has become the heart of the home. Unlike the living room—which is a bit more formal—the family room boasts personality and comfort. It’s where you’ve already arranged all of the kid-friendly furniture, rep your favorite sports team, and generally spend the most quality time with the family. 

With many people working and schooling from home nowadays, a family room refresh is probably long overdue. With a few decor tips and tricks, you can transform it into the ultimate hangout spot in no time. Here are five fun ideas to check out, including a fun idea for your next family movie night!

1. Decorative Wall Murals

A pop of color can revive any space, but a wall mural can make the interiors really stand out. From your paintings inspired by your favorite sports to wanderlust themes (like an Eiffel Tower silhouette!) murals are unique ideas that let you embrace your creativity.  

2. Built-in Shelves

No more tripping over toys (all of the parents out there understand)! With built-in shelves, you can turn the room into a multipurpose area: games and toy storage for the children, a gorgeous display of your collectables, and an automatic bookcase for your home library. 

3. Cozy Reading Nook

Speaking of the library, when was the last time you snuggled up with a cup of joe and a good book? You can easily transform a corner of the family room into a reading nook. All you need are some comfy arm chairs, plush pillows, and a side table with a stack of your favorite novels.

4. DIY Room Accessories

Do you enjoy creating crafts with the kids? Level up the room decor with a few homemade accessories. You can repurpose an unused desk or crates into a cool TV stand, and have the kids help decorate it. This also doubles as a great quality time activity for the family.

5. Home Theater Style

Last, and certainly not least, take your movie nights to the next level by converting your family room into an at-home theater. With reclining chairs, surround sound, and a TV projector, your Netflix movie marathons will never be the same. Getting professionals from the home theater store to install your new sound equipment from your theater room will make a huge difference in the quality of your movie-watching marathons.

Keep the whole family entertained during movie marathons with this fun movie night bingo activity! It’s the perfect game for all ages (and definitely comes in handy during snow days). You can download the printables here.

5 Family Room Ideas You’ll Absolutely Love (+ Movie Night Bingo Printables!)

Image courtesy of Angi.com

Are you ready to revamp your family room into an inviting, at-home retreat? If so, take inspiration from the guidance above and get creative!  

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