The Only Flooring Options To Consider For Your Kitchen

The Only Flooring Options To Consider For Your Kitchen

When we’re talking about home decor, few areas of the house are as exciting as the kitchen. There are loads of different elements you can play around with, leading to some thrilling and gorgeous designs. 

A big part of the kitchen decor is the flooring. What type are you going to choose? Interestingly, kitchens are different from most other rooms in your house. There are only a select few flooring types you can use in this area! Some are wildly unsuitable – like carpets – so here are the only options to consider: 


Tiles fit perfectly in a kitchen setting as they boast the following positive attributes: 

  • Low maintenance
  • Waterproof
  • Extremely durable
  • Very easy to clean
  • Come in a range of styles

You can pair flooring tiles with splashback or wall tiles as well, which is a lovely touch. Honestly, you’ll struggle to find a more suitable flooring option for the kitchen, which is why people have been using ceramic or porcelain tiles for centuries. One other reason to consider this flooring is the safety element it brings. Products like Ottawa Diamond Flooring Tile Flooring are slip-resistant, so there’s less chance of you slipping on spills if you make a mess in the kitchen. 

There are only two minor downsides to tiles that might sway your decision. Firstly, they’re pretty cold underfoot. You could deal with this by wearing slippers or socks, and tile flooring actually pairs perfectly with underfloor heating. Secondly, the flooring is hard, meaning things tend to break when dropped on it. If a glass or plate slips out of your hands, it won’t survive contact with some durable tiling. 


The next option is laminate flooring, which is hugely popular throughout the home. Most people use laminate in hallways or living spaces, but it can look good in a kitchen too. Here’s what you’ll love about this flooring option: 

  • Very affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
  • So many designs available

In essence, laminate flooring is basically a way to replicate wood or stone without using the natural materials. As such, you get the aesthetic benefits of a hardwood floor, without the downsides. Laminate flooring is waterproof and doesn’t stain easily, so it’s ideal in your kitchen. 

The only downside is that it doesn’t look as high-end as tiling does. It’s also not as durable or long-lasting, but it should still be good for most people. One last thing to mention is that cheap laminate flooring is terrible. Don’t get lured into buying something just to save money – if you want the benefits, opt for the good stuff! 


Viny is another option that replicates the appearance of other flooring types. Modern luxury vinyl flooring can look like kitchen tiles, while other variations look nearly identical to wooden floorboards. You could argue it’s more realistic than laminate flooring, though it does tend to be slightly more expensive. Here are some other reasons to consider vinyl flooring in your kitchen: 

  • The widest range of design choices
  • Very comfortable to walk out
  • Quick installation process
  • Water-resistant
  • Quick and easy to clean

It’s worth noting that vinyl may look hard, but it’s actually somewhat soft. By all means, when you walk on it, your feet don’t sink into the floor! It feels hard but the material makes it much softer than laminate or tiling. Therefore, if you drop things on vinyl flooring, they’re less likely to break. In a kitchen, this could be a huge deal for you – especially if you’re guilty of being a tiny bit clumsy. 

However, this is also a possible drawback. As it’s not a solid surface and there’s some degree of softness, the floor can be damaged. If you were to drop heavy or sharp objects on it, there’s a small chance that dents or cuts can appear. 

How to choose the perfect kitchen flooring

Which one of these three options should you pick? If you’re hoping for an answer…you’re fresh out of luck! 

All three variations are fantastic choices for a kitchen space. The perfect flooring depends on your preferences. Consider the rest of the kitchen decor and how you want the room to look. For more rustic kitchens, tiling is a brilliant selection – especially if you find some classic designs. Modern kitchens may look better with vinyl or laminate, but it’s entirely up to you. Your budget will also be taken into account, which may price you out of certain options. 

Overall, these are the only flooring types worth considering. Don’t bother with any others as they’ll either be unsuitable for a kitchen or far too expensive. 

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