Benefits of Ceiling Fans: Why They Make a Perfect Home Addition

Benefits of Ceiling Fans: Why They Make a Perfect Home Addition

Are you wondering if the benefits of ceiling fans are worth a change?

Changing out your light fixture for a ceiling fan is a relatively easy upgrade to your home.

Not only does it change the look of your room, but it also offers many advantages to your home. It can help you control your room temperature and feel more comfortable.

Keep reading to learn the benefits of a ceiling fan addition.

Cooling Airflow in the Summer

Keeping your home cooler is one of the best reasons a ceiling fan makes the perfect home addition. In the summer, turning on your ceiling fans can help circulate the air and make other cooling methods more effective.

When used with your air conditioning, you can increase the thermostat temperature by 4 degrees Fahrenheit and maintain your comfort. In some cases, the ceiling fan might allow you to avoid turning on the air conditioning by keeping you cool enough without it.

Room Warming in the Winter

Turning on your ceiling fan in colder weather might seem like it would make your space uncomfortably cold, but it can help rooms feel warmer.

Most ceiling fans have a reverse function that makes the blades spin in the opposite direction. For cooling in summer, you want the blades to turn counterclockwise so they push the air draft down into your room.

In the winter, switch the direction on the fan motor so the blades turn clockwise to help with the heating. This change in direction causes the air to go upward instead of downward.

When this happens, the warm air at the ceiling gets pushed along the ceiling toward the walls and back down into the room. This can help your room feel warmer by pushing the warm area toward the floor.

Energy Bill Savings

Because ceiling fans make your rooms feel more comfortable, you can adjust your thermostat accordingly to lower your energy use. The fan keeps your space comfortable even with the thermostat change.

In the summer, you can set your central air to a slightly higher temperature and still feel cool enough due to the air circulation. In the winter, you can lower your thermostat by a few degrees because the fan helps circulate the warmer air.

Buying an ENERGY STAR certified ceiling fan saves even more energy. Certified fans operate 60% more efficiently than conventional models.

When you run an ENERGY STAR fan, it cools efficiently using less energy to push the same amount of air. This helps lower your energy bills even more.

Out of the Way Fan Option

If you like using fans for air circulation, a ceiling fan is a space-efficient option. Because it’s mounted to the ceiling, it doesn’t take up any floor space.

Floor fans can be moved to different rooms, but they can get in the way. If you have kids or pets, portable fans can become a tripping hazard. They might get tipped over, and kids might stick things into the fan.

A ceiling fan is always ready to go. It remains out of the way for easy use.

If you have a room with low ceilings, you can get a low profile ceiling fan. It doesn’t hang as far into your room as regular ceiling fans, so you don’t lose as much headroom.

Decorative Options

If you think ceiling fans are unattractive, it’s time to revisit your local home improvement store.

Ceiling fan companies offer a wide range of options in ceiling fans with a variety of styles, from sleek and modern to farmhouse chic. You can choose blade colors and metal finishes to work with your decorating style.

Ceiling fans often have reversible blades so you can easily change the look. The two sides of the blades are two different colors. If you want a new look, you can flip the blades over to reveal the other color.

Many ceiling fans are stylish enough to become a decorative focal point in your room. They give you an alternative to basic light fixtures.

Versatile Location Options

Ceiling fans work in almost any room of your home. They come in a range of sizes, so you can find an option even for a small room.

Placing them in the bedroom makes your sleeping space more comfortable. Living room ceiling fans keep guests and family comfortable while you spend time together. In the kitchen or dining room, the ceiling fan can make the space feel cooler while you cook, or disperse food smells.

Certain ceiling fans are rated for outdoor use. Grab one of these models for your covered outdoor patio or deck to feel cooler on days without a breeze.

Additional Lighting

Most ceiling fans feature integrated light fittings that help brighten your room. You can also buy a ceiling fan and light kit separately to customize the look even more.

This allows you to have both the light you need and the cooling effect you want with one fixture.

If lighting is important to you, pay attention to the style and number of lights on the ceiling fan. Some have bowl-style shades that cover the bulbs and soften the light. Others have individual lights with open glass shades that let more light shine into your room.

You can hire an electrician to wire the ceiling fan and light to a dual light switch. This gives you individual control over the lights and fan function. You can run just the fan during the day or both in the evening.

Enjoy the Benefits of Ceiling Fans

Understanding the benefits of ceiling fans helps you decide if they’re the right fixture type for your room. You can enjoy multiple advantages by replacing your existing fixtures with overhead fans.

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